How to build brand loyalty in limited time


There is no dearth of brands in today's marketplace. Be it fashion, furniture, or food, thousands of local and established brands dot the streets and the internet, vying for every potential consumer's attention. With so many new options cropping up every other week, customers find it difficult to maintain loyalty towards a single brand. This is why building brand loyalty is a must in today's time.

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is the looming question of how to turn people from casual customers to hardcore fans. According to Mark Di Somma, what customers need at first is awareness, authenticity, and excitement over the brand in order for a brand to gain top-of-mind. We have accumulated five tips on how you can build brand loyalty in a short amount of time. Read on.

Customer engagement

Get your customers involved in the happenings of your company. Keep them in the loop of any new developments via social media. Is your brand going to collaborate with a celebrity for launching a new line? Is there going to be an unexpected sale? Give your customers a reason to walk into your store sooner rather than later.

Customer feedback

Here's a very important rule for every business – customer is king. Apart from providing fabulous sale and after-sale service, your brand should also be keen on taking customer feedback. Were they happy with the service provided to them? Did the product meet their expectations? If you want your one-time customer to turn into a loyal one, listen to what they have to say and make the changes happen.

Added value

A lot of customers don't come back to a brand for the second time if they don't feel valued. Is your competitor offering discounts while your products are sold on marked price? Or are they providing complementary shipping and you, on the other hand, are charging for shipping? You need to find a way to provide added value if you want to build a loyal base of customers.

Decode your customers

One of the best ways to cultivate brand loyalty is to decode why your customers choose you instead of your competitors. This isn't an easy task. You will have to dwell into the conscious and unconscious motivators behind why they pick your brand. Once you have that figured out, you can define the future of your business and determine the level of brand loyalty you enjoy.

Reward loyal customers

Your focus should always be on your loyal customers rather than the first-time consumers. To ensure that you get repeated business from the regular ones, you need to start rewarding them. From loyalty cards to exciting coupons, there are a number of ways to make your ardent followers feel special. The better the rewards, the bigger the business you can expect in the future. While it is important to think big, it is necessary to stay practical at the same time.

While one-time consumers are welcome, your focus as a brand should always be on your regular customers. Make an effort to convert the one-timers to loyal patrons because every company needs a clientele that is loyal to the brand to ensure predictable, stable, and substantial growth.


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