This is why we all need a break from regularity once in a while


Taking a break is very important! If you often fail to take breaks from your mundane life, you'll gradually erode productivity, perform poorly, diminish enjoyment, and eventually burn out. What exactly do we mean by taking breaks? We are not talking about taking a lavish vacation or seeking respite from your responsibilities. Taking a break from work or personal life might not even be an option for most. So how do you ensure that you are able to create your own master schedule that makes you happier, more focussed, and productive?

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The answer is simple - more than circumstances and responsibilities, the stress of dealing with people and their resentful tantrums can exhaust you more than you could imagine. Taking a break from people once in a while has been modus operandi for successful people over the centuries. Not having to face unexpected outbursts, temper tantrums, and petulance of people around is one of the most coveted dreams of today’s generation as well.

Why such feelings foster? Certain relationships or people sometimes cause such distress that people fantasise about moving somewhere else and never coming back. However, we all understand the fact that running away from daily stressors is not a viable solution. Unfortunately, there is no place on this earth where one can find him/herself free of stress and escape the unexpected. Far better is to stay where we are and deal with it. Developing resilience is the first step to deal with stress-inducing people successfully. Taking a break and getting some downtime is an important part of this process.

Breaks help you evaluate your connections and relationships better

To put it simply, breaks from people help us evaluate our connections and whether or not they are adding value to our lives. A few connections would seem to be pitching too much negativity that can be the cause of constant distress in your life. Taking a break from people may feel like running away, but it isn't. In fact, it is a healthy way to dive back into the ocean with greater strength and effectivity. So give yourself a break from both negative, as well as positive forces around. Go on a vacation alone, or simply shut yourself down for a couple of days. Choose your poison and get set for a movie marathon. Do whatever makes you happy, but make sure that it has to be a date with yourself. Planning such activities on a regular basis will detox your mind and make room for challenges that are crucial.

Sleep the sleep of the dead once a week

Don’t we all crave for a day or two in a month when we could simply snuggle into our blankets and sleep for days without being disturbed by anyone? You might feel that you lack motivation or energy, but the truth is you are just exhausted from working as some sleep-deprived daft horse for five days straight and now you want to spend some time with yourself. Allow yourself to die virtually once a week. Destress yourself by lying on your bed for a whole day. This will work as a recovery cycle, study suggests. With this exercise, you'll not only recover from physical exhaustion but also feel mentally charged as you won't be dealing with any other person for good 24 hours. Taking such breaks every weekend is a sure shot way to enhance overall productivity, longevity, and patience, which in return makes your personal, as well as professional relationships better on a whole.

Just a few hours once a week with yourself, away from all hustle bustle of lives and responsibilities, can change your entire week. You will start seeing the world around with a better and broader perspective. The feeling of spending some quiet time with yourself is a perfect way to remember who you are, catch your breath, and make your own choices. In the end, it is all about loving yourself, for a moment.