How to deal with toxic bosses


As they say, people quit their managers and not the company. People would rather work at a relatively low paying job than work under someone who is demotivating and unreliable. Even to do something that you love, you need to work with people who make the process enjoyable and a boss who knows how to work with you. But it is inevitable to not work with at least one terrible boss over the course of different jobs. There are the constant whiners and unreliable, power hungry, manipulating bosses who suck the life out of you, making your work life filled with regret.

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Many don’t gather the nerves to quit when faced with a toxic boss because of familial compulsions. Why is getting along with your boss even important in the first place? Because your well-being at work depends on your immediate boss, and there is nothing that is going to change it. Going to work need not always be a nightmare, there are a bunch of things that you can do to improve the situation at your office with your boss.

Identify the problem areas:

What makes your boss lose his or her cool? Do they hate impromptu meetings while you jostle for their time asking to discuss work-related matters without asking if they’re available first? Make a list of the things that would tick your boss off and see if you have done any of them. Consciously try avoiding any of these things.

Do not react to the boss

It is understandable that there is a lot of pent up energy that needs to be released to mitigate the feelings of disappointment and frustration with your boss. It is easy to react to your boss, but besides the momentary satisfaction, the consequences will not be favourable to you.

Break the ice

Try to indulge in small talk, and be genuinely interested in the other person. Remember that it only takes a single deep conversation to change the entire equation among two people. You may even come out of the conversation saying “He’s not as bad as I thought!” Almost like you were hit by a spell, you start to get along well and it looks all too easy.

Be empathetic towards your boss

When you find your boss is always abusive and spiteful, and you are someone with a lot of emotional intelligence, you realise that they act in such a way because of their personal problems. If you can understand this shortcoming, you might even be able to help them come out of their struggle.

Be your boss’ confidant

Wondering how you can be your boss’ confidant when they suck the life out of you? You can help them out in their work. By doing this, you become someone who your boss trusts and the negative emotion towards you slowly subsides. Your boss will begin to value the work that you do and start appreciating your presence in the office.

It is normal to think why you should bear the brunt of a toxic boss when you can call it quits. While putting in your papers might seem like the most reasonable choice, learning to deal with a toxic boss is an education in itself. You develop skills that will make you less vulnerable in front of a bully. So use your time to learn strategies for dealing with toxic bosses.

We spend more time at the office than at home, and it is essential that we enjoy a nice relationship with everyone at the office. If nothing works after stating your concerns with your boss, then it is high time that you contact the HR department.