4 effective ways to deal with a layoff


You walk into your office on a nice Friday feeling hopeful and optimistic about the day ahead. Suddenly, you get called into the boss’s room for a “little talk”, and then it happens! You have been laid off by your company, and you see nothing but doom written all over your future.

This scenario has been a reality for many. Getting laid off without prior notice is a frightening prospect. The very thought of it makes our hearts skip a bit. It’s nothing personal though (well, most of the time), companies simply choose this as an easy way out whenever their economies start going south.

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While the whole idea of unemployment is stressful and affects the self-esteem of a person and deteriorates their social status, but here are four ways to help you cope better after getting laid off, should you find yourself in this unfortunate position.

Check your emotions

A layoff can be traumatic in itself, and in the case of a sudden layoff, you feel all the more sad and disappointed. However, the workplace is definitely not a good place to express these emotions. No matter what the emotional status might be, don’t go about burning bridges inside your workplace as your actions can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. If you need to vent, do it in front of family and friends.

‘Reframe’ your career

Reframing basically involves taking a negative situation and turning it around to see it from a positive perspective. Being laid off is the perfect time to regroup and reframe your life and career. Take time to reassess your career choices to find out if you really are on the right path. A layoff might just prove to be right for you. It can help you deal with a complicated situation as well as act as a one way ticket out of a dead job.

Go job hunting

After the reassessment process, it’s time for you to dust off your ‘interview wear’ and go job hunting. Keep a tab on the classifieds to check out what kind of jobs are available for you. Yes, getting back into the market is going to be a little weird, but make use of all those networks that you have created to find out what employers are looking for. Many people use a layoff as a reason to pursue their ‘dream jobs’ or a passion that they always wanted to take up.

Reconnect with your network

This is probably the best time to update your LinkedIn profile and start networking again. Start building a larger network outside of your current employer. Seek professional help from your previous mentors and bosses for endorsements and recommendations. Do not forget that a lay off isn’t something personal – often, the employers feel equally bad while letting you go, hence they wouldn’t mind you asking for help. Obviously, you won’t be able to remain in their good books if you burn bridges in the first place.

An unprecedented unemployment can be a bad road block in the path of your professional career. However, expanding your horizons and broadening your mind can help you to look at it from a positive perspective. And who knows? You might make a comeback that’s better than ever!


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