From failing in English to distinction in MBA - how author Deepshikha overcame dyslexia to pursue her passion


Motivational speaker and author Deepshikha's journey and how she overcame dyslexia. 

Remember how the floodgates opened when the movie Taare Zameen Par about an eight-year-old dyslexic child was released? It was perhaps the first time many of us got to know about dyslexia, a learning disability, and its impact on young children and their motor skills.

Parents and teachers alike saw the challenges such children faced and how important is was to understand, help, and support them.

From reel life to real, 25-year-old motivational speaker and author Deepshikha too overcame dyslexia as a child to follow her dreams and pursue her passions. We caught up with her to find out about dyslexia, her own journey, and what keeps her motivated.

A mother’s patience

Deepshikha grew up in Patna and studied at St. Joseph’s Convent High School till class 7. She completed rest of her education in Delhi and Hyderabad. A jovial and a happy-go-lucky child, she loved to talk and tell stories. She says, “My mother says that initially I used to speak less but once I started I have not stopped till date.”

However, her motor skills posed a challenge for her. Buttoning her shirt, tying her shoelaces, and writing ‘b’ as ‘d’ and ‘p’ as ‘q’ were some of the challenges Deepshikha faced as a child.

“My parents figured out some delay in my learning pattern after seeing Taare Zameen Par,” she shares. It was a tough time for her as a child and it was her mother who made a world of difference and improved things for her.

My father lacked patience in teaching me; however, my mom was a reliable lifeline. She used to devise various techniques and stories to make me grasp academics easily. Being a teacher (by profession), she never gave up on me. Not only my first teacher, my mom, but all my teachers played a pivotal role in making me what I am today. Though I wasn’t a good student, I was popular and loved by all my teachers.

The collective love and support from her mother and teachers made a world of difference. Though Deepshikha can’t pinpoint an exact time, she recalls that her situation started improving after class 6. “I wrote my first essay in class 6.” In 2004, she moved to Delhi and finished her schooling there. Being in Delhi gave her more exposure and her grades improved.

As a dyslexic child, she used to fail in English while in school but scored a distinction in MBA. Life had changed for Deepshikha.

Parents and teachers can make it or break it  

Supportive and understanding parents played a big role in Deepshikha’s life. According to Deepshikha, patient parents can change the life of a dyslexic child.

She also advises,

Parents should avoid sibling comparisons at home. I feel teachers should motivate such children and find positive traits in them rather than demoralising them. These children can be taught in a friendly and interesting manner.

She champions for the parents and teachers not just providing support but empathising with the child and supporting not just academics but other things that the students want to pursue.

Following her passion

Once Deepshikha overcame dyslexia, she gave wings to her own dreams and passion. By day, Deepshikha devotes herself to her day job with the Amrapali group.

During her free time, she pursues her love for writing. She says, “Writing has always been my first love

and I always find time for it. I mostly write late nights or suddenly when something strikes my head. Anything and everything has the potential to inspire me. Be it elephant/ant jokes or vegetables in the kitchen.”

Deepshikha’s book ‘A pinch of Life- Sweet and Sour’ is a collection of 25 poems on day-to-day topics such as life, love success, etc. The poems are based on her own experiences or those shared with her by her near and dear ones.

Deepshikha used to pen her poems in a diary till her mother pushed her to compile it together so her work wasn’t lost. That is how her first book came to be published.

“Publishing a book is definitely not a cakewalk. You need to take care of small yet significant steps in order to get it done. I always dreamt of becoming a published author.”

Never give up

Deepshikha says that life has been good so far for her and she has no regrets. “I never give up and I have faith that the future has much in store for me.” This is what has held her steady in tough times.

Good food, music, and the ability to laugh and make others smile keep her going and motivated. In the coming year, marriage is on the cards for her. She is excited not just about her upcoming wedding but also her next project titled – “Light the Lamp Within”.

“It will be something that every reader will be able to relate too,” she says.

Deepshikha wants to convey the essence of three magical words – ‘never give up’.

My journey was never easy but I wish to convey that no matter what field you choose, you need to work day in and day out to shine in life. Don’t let people, society or your self-doubt pull you down.


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