The DriversKart storyline — highlighting entrepreneurial lessons of 2016


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Vinit, CEO, explains, “DriversKart is unique in generalised as well as a specific way. We help customers hire trusted professional drivers to get driven in the comfort of their own car, saving them time and effort. However, what separates us from the rest is our approach is that we offer our customers a unique subscription package for daily needs along with the on-demand segment and outstation trips.”

He adds, “Ranging from business clients in self-drive cars, cars second sales, and car service centers to dealers, hotels, restaurants, and concierge, almost everyone can avail our services.”

Learnings from 2016

Vinit says, “A startup, regardless of the growth that it attains, learns in the initial stage itself that perseverance is the key and continuous improvement, the survival potion. With the later being our motto, we look towards a dynamic future for ourselves.”

He adds, “Another major lesson that we learnt, fortunately not the hard way, is that a customer is definitely the undisputed king, but a check on acquisition cost is necessary and doesn’t hurt anybody.”

Saksham recollects from his experiences that spending some considerable amount of time in initial hiring can gain you an edge and major dependency in initial months is best avoided. On the other hand, striking the right balance between B2B and B2C is important in terms of revenue, service quality, metrics, etc., after all, it forms our supporting pillars. Kopal says, “DriversKart foundation rests upon our driver partners who strive not only for more money, but also respect and we have incorporated this in our model.”

Key Milestones till 2016

Kopal elaborates, “DriversKart witnessed a 40 percent MOM increase in consumer trips (November versus October) and a whooping 200 percent increase in consumer trips on rolling three months (September-November and June-August). Having extended our services to more than 15,000 satisfied customers, we have crossed the mark of one lakh completed trips across five cities. Another feather to the cap is the fact that this year we acquired new prestigious clients for business who are market leaders in their own respective domains.”

Saksham adds, “2016 was the year we took a step forward into introducing an easier and faster way to access our services as we launched Chatbot. Customers can now book a driver by automated chat, app (Android and iOS), website, missed call, and call center. Along with this, our unique subscription package is now live on app, which makes it very convenient for customers to schedule their trips for the week/month. Specially for our business clients, we have come up with the vendor module to make the booking process flow as seamless and convenient as possible along with the whole system being transparent.”

DriversKart Storyline


*Click here to view complete DriversKart Storyline*

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