5 ways to use Facebook Live Video to your business’ advantage


The market for live streaming has been growing at the blink of an eye, with sites like Periscope steeling the bandwagon. The purpose of live-streaming an event is essentially to make users feel like they witness it first-hand, almost as if they are present at the scene of action. With the dominance of social media in all of our lives, providing easy access to breaking news and trends, chances are that by the time a piece of information reaches us, it would have already been layered by rounds of online Chinese Whispers.

So what better way to beat this than by seeing it first yourself? Understanding this tendency of human beings wishing to be the news bearers, Facebook decided to join the race and released its ‘Live’ feature a few months ago. While initial complaints of poor video quality and confusion regarding the instant stream of comments did surface, the multibillion dollar conglomerate definitely worked its usual magic and simplified the feature for everyday use.

Today, individual Facebook users have taken quite well to this new feature and have been using it for various purposes – either to promote their own art, events, or for any personal use as well. However, companies have now started to look at the new feature with avid interest as well. Considering the market for social media promotions and its unquestionable reach, businesses can really profit from using Facebook Live to their advantage.

Behind the scenes

A customer’s first instinct is to wonder about the inside happenings of the company to which they are pledging their loyalty. One of the most important things a brand needs to work on is personalisation, which will give its customers a feeling of familiarity. Hence, a Facebook Live video of a usual day in the office will pledge to give a face (or multiple faces) to the names they have only heard about through association, or read about on the company site, thus, in a sense, ‘humanising’ the business for them.

Product launches

Facebook Live is also a great way for companies to launch and promote their products, and explain in detail about each to all potential customers to generate their interest. Quite often, what happens in the case of general video promotions is that people tend to skip it amidst the plethora of online content. Hence, this is an easier way for companies to reach out to their target audiences and build up their products to the maximum before releasing it for sale in the market.

Customer interaction

Any successful business founder will be able to tell you that customer-interaction is a must for the success of any company. For this, Facebook Live is a great platform to initiate conversations with your customers, due to its instant comment feature. Customers can ask their queries freely, instead of having to resort to delayed answers on the website. Instant response from the company, through this live feature, can go a long way in securing customer loyalty in the future.

Customer tutorials

It is important to keep in mind that the best way to increase the number of viewers for your live video is to make sure that your content is such that they can take back from following it. To serve this purpose, you hold a tutorial of sorts, like the ones they have on YouTube, which is also the reason the platform is heading the video content market. You could guide a customer on how to use a specific product and at the same time, answer their queries regarding the same. The dual system of teaching and answering is sure to get you your audience and as a result, potential long-term customers.

Feedback guarantee

Facebook Live’s instant comment feature is also a great way to receive feedback from your customers. For instance, you could be showcasing a demo of a product that is set to be launched and receive some important inputs from the customers. These could be incorporated in the design itself and help make it better. It is also a great way of knowing the preferences of your potential customers and catering to them, too.

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