How to get people to subscribe to your email newsletter


We live in a time where people receive an overwhelming amount of emails in their inbox daily. Due to this, it can get difficult to ask people to subscribe to even more mails which may not be particularly important to them. But one cannot ignore the fact that emails form a crucial part of marketing strategy and hence, it is imperative to get new subscribers to your email newsletter.

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Email newsletter subscribers can be best defined as soft leads that, with the right amount of gentle persuasion, can become regular and loyal customers someday. But while a lot of people just focus on making the subscribers list longer, it is important to attract the right kind of audience. Here's how you can go about it.

Let people know that you have a newsletter to send them

One reason why you may not be getting new subscribers to your newsletter is because a lot of people might not know where to sign up for it. Make it a pop-up option as soon as people visit your website. While you're at it, add a line or two on why the consumer must subscribe to your newsletter. You can add a subscription form on your blog and other social media handles, but make sure to keep it relevant.

Provide incentives

Run a contest on your social media handles or your website and ask for email sign-ups as part of your contest entry form. While this is an easy tactic to get new subscribers and lengthen your list, don't make it a practice as not all opt-ins will be the audience you are targeting.

Give a sneak peek

Entice potential subscribers and consumers to opt-in voluntarily for your email newsletter. How, you ask? Provide part of your emailer for free. For instance, if you're a beauty brand, you can opt for a listicle like ‘Five budgeted lipsticks you need to get your hands on today’. At the end of the short article, you can provide an option for people to receive more articles like these by subscribing to your email newsletter.

Offers galore

Who doesn't like a good offer? Entice first-time subscribers to sign up for your email newsletter by posting exciting offers on Facebook or on your website. Offer a 20 percent discount on their next purchase or free movie tickets for two. In order to avail these offers, users will first have to sign up for your email newsletter and it's a win-win for both sides.

Use the word ‘free’

While it is a given that email newsletters are free of cost, there is something about reading the word ‘free’ that can grab a reader's attention where it otherwise wouldn't. Make the most of our society's obsession with all things free and see how it affects your number of subscribers at the end of the month.

Email newsletters cost relatively low compared to other marketing techniques and they lead to sales conversions and loyal readers over a period of time. Content is king when it comes to newsletters, and if your content isn't up to the mark, no amount of new followers will be able to save the day for you.


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