Life along the Ganga


Siddharth Agarwal loves adventure, having cycled across India, he is currently walking the length of the Ganga. How much distance? 3,000km. Alongside, he also runs an organization called Veditum which is a media and research organization trying to capture data and write stories about the rivers of India. This is a photo story contributed by Siddharth and is a collection of 9 photos which depict the life along the Ganga...

Old boats lying in a family pond. The monsoons have arrived, ponds are filling up and the sound of drums and cymbals fill the air, complementing the wind's rush


Heavy rains during monsoons directly equate to flooded back water channels. Fishermen rowing out to the river through one such channel as the heavy clouds play their own game


The joy of adolescence, wrapped up with friends and hurrying home


Fishing nets rest by the side as a larger web is woven for growing vegetables on the water surface in a house/community pond next to the river


Counting the catch, one fish fry at a time


Image taken from a wooden bridge on a tributary of the Ganga. Men sitting by the banks and indulging in conversations all afternoon


Image of an ox-bow lake, formed after the river took a different route and abandoned this stretch. Fishermen sit in one spot for hours, waiting for their catch


Taking the ferry to the other side, everyday activities of the river people


Shielding oneself from the rain under trucks while crossing the river on a barge


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