3 tips to make your office space more productive


Everyone craves the ability to be able to do more in less time and at the least possible cost. But it is not easy to tap into a productive streak, especially if the space you work out of isn’t conducive for it. According to studies done on workplace design, an employee’s physical environment is the most significant factor in determining his or her ability to focus on the task at hand. The study, conducted by research firm Gensler, found that a well-designed office space increases your employees’ productivity by 20 percent. Starting from the colour of your walls to the design of your aisle, ventilation and the lighting in common areas, a horde of factors have to be taken care of to transform your office into a space that breeds productivity. Here’s how you can do it at minimum cost:

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Better lighting

Natural light is the best way to liven up your office space. Make sure that your windows are not covered up in a way that it destructs the passage of natural light. In a study published in the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management, it was found that proper lighting and optimal temperature were the two most important factors that affected an employee’s productivity. To get the best results, place work desks parallel to window panes as this will allow your employees to turn away from their monitors and look out during short breaks. Doing this, according to a report published by National renewable Energy Laboratory, will increase your productivity. To keep your employees in their full spirit throughout the work day, make sure that there is ample lighting in common areas as bad lighting can even lead to negative psychological effects like depression and less sleep, studies have found.

Bring greenery to your workspace

Pep up the mood and energy in your office with the help of indoor and desk plants. Many studies have proven the positive effect that desk plants have on the attention span of employees. According to a study by Norwegian University of Life Science, plants were found to have a micro-restorative impact and allow employees to refresh their attention by shifting their minds to them. Additionally, plants can also clean the air through the natural process of photosynthesis and keep the space fresher and healthier.

Ergonomical seating

Remember that your employees spend a lot of their time sitting at their desks, and one way to make them less productive or slow is by making them physically uncomfortable with bad chairs. Provide them with chairs that can be adjusted according to height. A study conducted by the Institute of Work and Health found that after receiving ergonomic training and adjustable chairs, employees at the US State Revenue Department reported less injuries and pain, and were nearly 18 percent more productive. Some businesses are also investing in standing desks to combat the ill-effects of sitting for too long. Studies have also proven that standing desks boost productivity for some employees by as much as 46 percent. So discuss this with your employees and take a call on it. If not a complete shift to standing desks, you could have certain areas or conference rooms with only standing desks to reap benefits.

Employee productivity is the cornerstone of every business, no matter the scale or product. By ensuring that your employees have a space that allows them to put their efforts to the best use, not only does this positively affect your organisation’s performance, it also helps each of your employees to grow as an individual and meet their own professional goals.