Head into 2017 armed with these incredibly motivating videos


While most people are ecstatic to march into the New Year, it’s easy to forget that it’s not a new year that brings changes, but it is you. The year 2016 may have been a difficult terrain for many of you, full of quakes and chasms with regard to personal and professional life. Here’s a gentle reminder though, as you let go of your setbacks: 2017 may or may not be any kinder. Nonetheless, it is time to recharge and refill the fuel of motivation.

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We’ve curated 12 videos which are an assortment of speech compilations, TED talks, performances, and interviews which we think will give you the energy needed to tackle not only your career but also your life, in general.

Psychology of high achievers

What makes people achievers? What sets them apart from the rest? Listen to Tony Robins, Michael Phelps, Jocko Willink and many others talk about what it takes to make that decision, and to take that action that has the potential to change your life.

What I learned from 100 days of rejection

Jia Jiang, author and entrepreneur, dove into the painful world of rejection and walked its terrain for 100 days to see if one could desensitise oneself to it. Watch as he sheds light on all the changes seen in a person’s mindset when they learn to not shy away from rejection.

The only way to success

The few people who realise their dreams have many things in common. Watch Jack Ma talk about the one thing that gives you the hope to succeed, Elon Musk’s resilient approach to failure, and Guy Kawasaki, Howard Schlutz, Ronaldo and many others shed light on the path that leads to success. Find out what the people, who ultimately succeed, are made of.

The billionaire mind set

Kevin Spacey thinks one needs more than just the desire to be successful to actually make it. Steve Jobs thinks the path to success is so hard that any rational person would give up. So what are the key ingredients? Watch them along with Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, and many others talk about what it takes to start a business with no money and turn it into a billionaire reality.

Why some of us don’t have one true calling

Emilie Wapnik’s talk can be a lifeline to those who’re struggling to find that one goal, one purpose that they’re expected to have. Watch her describe a category of personalities called “multipotentialites” who have various interests and can be just as successful and have fulfilled careers.

Be whoever you want at any age

This 10 year old girl from Pune who became the youngest Indian to speak at the TEDx youth conference has some valuable things to share with kids and adults. Ishita Katyal challenges everyone that has ever said you have to wait till you grow up to follow your dreams, with one question – Why? If this young girl talking about how “anyone is capable of great actions” is not motivating enough, we might new a new definition for that word.

Tim Grover’s interview on Inside Quest

The Founder and CEO of Attack Athletics, but more popularly known as Michael Jordan’s personal trainer, Tim Grover has a wealth of knowledge on the mental barriers that hold achievers back. Delivered in his crisp ‘coach-like’ authoritative voice, this interview is nothing short of a 40 min pep talk. Watch him talk about the nature of great performance levels and how to set yourself free from those mental barriers.

A Brand New Ending

Spoken word poetry always leaves a lasting impact. Listen to Richard Williams, better known as Prince Ea, bring a rhythm to a message that says, “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” Listen as he tells you how to own your dream and every moment that leads up to it; why you need to act now so you don’t regret later; and how it’s still possible to start now, and, create a brand new ending.

How to find work you love

Here is man that found his calling, and did what he loved, before he died. Scott Dinsmore quit the job that made him miserable and dedicated the next few years of his life in search of a job that was meaningful to him. Watch him share his experience and tell you how you could not only find what you love but also how you can begin pursuing it.

Game of Life

We’ve all seen the movie but it’s something else to hear from the leader himself. Dhoni has a different take on ambition and achievement. Hear him talk about his simplistic approach to it, the importance of the present, and the surprisingly simple key to getting ahead.

R Madhavan’s speech at GRD Institute of Management

Madhavan ended his address to the students with words, which seemed like he could barely contain, brimming with motivation. He begins by saying, “know that at no point in your life is something impossible.” His take on the importance of humility, courtesy, the power of preparation, and what it takes to grab opportunities is definitely not for students alone.

The puzzle of motivation

Finally, here’s the science of what truly motivates us. Is it money? Challenge? Mastery? The need to make a difference or contribution? Narrated by career analyst, Dan Pink (in an original TED talk), this video gives insights into what really drives successful businesses or businessmen like Steve Jobs, towards excellence.

Here’s hoping you now have the strength and vitality to march on. Have a great and successful year ahead, folks!


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