Paragliding in Bir


Bir Billing is a quaint hamlet in Himachal Pradesh situated around 65 km from the popular tourist town, Dharamshala. Bir found a place on the global map when it was chosen to be the venue for the World Paragliding Championship in 2016. It was only in the early 1990's when some Europeans paragliders discovered it to be an amazing place for paragliding. Steadily over time, the locals also picked up this adventure sport and there are now over a 100 pilots in the region. Many enthusiasts come over to Bir to taste the freedom of flying. In this photo story, we bring to you some of the sights from Bir, feelings of a first time flier and the passion of a pilot...

The beautiful sprawling landing site at 5000 ft above sea level


When in Bir, the excitement around flying is palpable with professional pilots, first time fliers and everyone in between gathering at one place...


Manjeet Kumar, one of the talented local pilots of Bir. He says, "I can not imagine my life without paragliding"


Manjeet Kumar, securing second position at a Paragliding Championship


Paragliding seems like an adrenaline rush and it is! But once you're off the cliff, you're floating in air and sometimes it feels safer than being on ground :)


Mayur Sontakke, a first time flier giving a cautious smile before taking off


On landing safely! Mayur says, "The joy of flying was an amazing feeling. I wanted to be back up again as soon as I landed!"


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