6 startups that help you keep your New Year resolutions


With your mind filled with umpteen things to look forward to in the new year, you might have made some headstrong promises to yourself –taking up a new sport, losing some weight, meditating, developing a hobby or even practising patience!

The difficult part – keeping these resolutions going for 365 days! Let’s accept it, it’s going to be hard and will require plenty of will power. But let’s not fret over that this year. Here are a few startups that will make sure you stick to this year’s resolutions, be it sports, fitness, food, or work.

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Playo is a sports community app that connects all sports enthusiasts and brings back ‘play’ in your life. The idea is to get people who have stopped playing back into the game. Playo addresses two major problems. Firstly, people don’t always have a partner to play with, and this is a major reason they can’t pursue their favourite sport. The second issue is lack of facilities. All housing societies and apartments may not have a badminton or basketball court.

This sports app connects amateur athletes, venues, and vendors. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones, it helps users reserve games at nearby venues, find coaches, and connect with potential like-minded players.


If you are trying to eat healthy but can’t fix a nutritious and delicious meal every single day of the week, then Bhukkad is just for you. They deliver quickly and have a fixed or a daily-changing menu to choose from. Bhukkad produces what they call‘natural fast food’, meaning that whatever they serve is made of natural sources as much as possible.

They have a versatile menu ranging from Pesto Fresco and hummus beans salad to whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. Their drinks come in carefully lidded containers and their salads come with dressings packed in tiny containers.


HealthifyMe is an app, which helps users identify the calorie value of Indian foods, offering paid services from fitness experts and nutritionists. The app allows you to track your diet and log your exercise.

If you have had an oily or high calorie breakfast, the app informs you so and suggests what you can have for the rest of the day to balance the damage done in the morning.


How many times do you resolve to be more balanced and stress-free only to find yourself succumbing to societal pressures due to lack of advice or treatment?

YourDOST is a personal emotional wellness trainer and a trusted online friend whom you can talk to, with qualified experts who know how to help. These experts help you to cope with exams, work stress, and relationships.

YourDOST allows instant access to users to share their problems through an online platform. One of the primary features of this venture is that people are kept completely anonymous throughout the platform.


Cult is a Bengaluru-based fitness startup that offers equipment-free programmes. If you are someone who detests the traditional gyms, then Cult is definitely the one for you. Cult Fitness connects users with national and international trainers in Mui Thai, boxing, mixed martial arts, and yoga. Routines are customised to fit each client’s needs. It also offers a free trial.


Tandurust delivers nutrition-checked and calorie-counted meals to nutrition seekers in Bengaluru. Most of us are always searching for a ‘healthy, nutritious and tasty’ meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or snacks. In Tandurust, the menu consists of items made from whole wheat, multi-grains, green vegetables, pulses and legumes, tofu, flax seeds, and more. This is done to specially ensure that customers do not compromise on any health grounds.

Tandurust also educates its customers on leading a healthy lifestyle, through social media, their website and through events and activities.

With the dawn of 2017, these startups will keep a watch on you for a fulfilling year ahead!


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