Out of marketing ideas? Here’s what you can do to change that


Whether it's a startup or a large corporate, the marketing folks are always expected to have brilliant ideas that can flabbergast their audience. They're the ones who prepare marketing strategies that can push product sales to new heights. Even a single wrong step on their part can result in huge losses as well as damage the firm's reputation. This is what keeps most marketing heads under tremendous pressure.

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Hardly anyone realises that coming up with breathtaking ideas constantly is no child’s play. After all, they can (and often do) experience the dreaded ‘creative block’ at times and feel as helpless as any normal person. If they don't address this issue at the right time, then it can even spoil their well-established careers.

If you're into a marketing job in which new ideas are very important, then you need to figure out a way to keep your creative juice flowing all the time. It may be tough to come up with innovative ideas every single time, but you can experience a significant improvement by following these tips:

Let the ideas start coming

“Ideas come from everything” - Alfred Hitchcock

When the work pressure rises and deadline approaches, many people start forcing their minds to think creatively. They believe that this is the only way to finish the project. It may have worked for you in the past, but let's understand one thing clearly – you can't force your mind into creativity. All you can do is train your mind, give it the right environment and then wait for the ideas to appear.

Have patience and let the ideas appear themselves!

Brainstorming sessions  

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is the success.” - Henry Ford

If you have other creative minds around, why not use them to pump up your mind? If possible, plan brainstorming sessions in such a way that everyone can prepare themselves accordingly. You can fix a day or time when the next brainstorming session will take place. Communicate the agenda of the session to other team members and ask them to come prepared. Let everyone participate in the session and write down all the ideas on a whiteboard before judging their relevance. Once the ideas are spoken, you can go on to discuss their relevance, pros, and, cons to decide which of them make sense for your next campaign.

Even if you're feeling dazed and impeded, such brainstorming sessions can do wonders and trigger brilliant ideas.

Take a break from work

If you feel stuck and unable to think of new ideas, then maybe you can make some corrections in your routine and see if that works. Take a few days off, travel to your favourite place, watch your favourite movie, and spend some time with your loved ones. In short, stop working for some time and give your mind the much-needed break.

It's all about how you convince your mind to stay relax and not worry about anything. The more peaceful it is, the better ideas can it come up with. So, experiment to figure out what works well for your mind and enable it to think creatively.

What do you do when you feel stuck and can't think of new ideas?


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