How to tap into highest potential by implementing system mind-set


‘Free your mind of all negativity and success will follow!’ This is one piece of advice that most entrepreneurs come across during their trying days, yet most of them tend to ignore it. This often leads to a conflict between their vision and the final the outcome.

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We get into a venture to build a life that matters, to have fun and gain recognition on a wider scale, but what we do instead is deal with the same issues over and over again. This not only affects our outlook toward life, thereby making us think negatively, but also makes our lives mundane. So what is the best way to manage new ventures? How do you make sure that you develop a ‘system mind-set’ to achieve the results you want? How do you implement systems to make your everyday life more efficient?

Take the first step

Whenever things start going south, we blame the people and their skills around us first. But if you think about it, the solution to your problem is not greater efficiency and skill pool. Even though they will be beneficial at some level, your solution lies in looking at your life as a series of organised systems. Look at every failure, problem, and challenge like a math problem. What is the best way to solve an equation? You break it down into steps, apply formulae, and follow a path to reach the solution. This would also help you see what works and what doesn't work for your venture. Every wrong step will lead you to the right one.

Take control and detach

Take a deep breath. Pause for a while and exhale! Repeat the exercise whenever you feel anxious, confused, or out of control. Your emotional intelligence is one of the most effective tools that you have to cultivate an ideal state and reach infinite potential. This will not only help you gain control on your actions but also helps relinquish rigid attachments to a particular outcome. Live in the moment, go with the flow, follow your intuitions and believe with all of your heart that everything will work out the way it should. Learn to let go and be open to new, perhaps unexpected opportunities.

Practise routine and decentralise

Routines make our minds believe that everything is going relatively smooth and predictably. This makes it easier to maintain our mindfulness. However, if you find things happening too fast, remember to meditate and clarify your moves. Having a routine helps you to explore know yourself better and thus the more fruitful outcome.

Throughout the practice of systematising life and implementing teachings, keep reminding yourself that every situation is an opportunity and every new day is another chance to change your life. Take advantage of such opportunities and focus on expanding the boundaries of your existence. Do something new every day to cultivate the attitude of growth and awakening.


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