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“A cab takes less than five minutes to arrive but an ambulance takes over 40 minutes! At Ambee, we are trying to change this and solve the problems in healthcare transportation,” said Rohit Kumar, Co-founder, Ambee.

The startup came into existence in March 2016 with a vision to build a network of quality hospital and private ambulances where users can request for the nearest ambulance that meets their requirements.

Ambulance owners (hospitals and private fleet owners) are provided with the technology for tracking and managing their ambulances.

In the long run, they are aiming to focus on improving service standards by enabling ambulance owners in procuring better equipment, training their staff, and connecting ambulances to hospital emergency rooms.

Learnings from 2016:

Jaimon Jose, Co-founder, Ambee, told YourStory, “Our biggest learnings have been around the various challenges that exist in this space, from lack of technology in tracking ambulances to the prevailing incentives that exist in the market. We realised that the first problem we needed to solve was that of empowering ambulance owners, be it hospitals or private owners, with technology. We went into pilot with a couple of hospitals in Hyderabad using our MVP. Based on this experience and learnings from the market trying to build a network of vehicles, we started focusing on enhancing our partner technology which could thoroughly support the needs of hospitals and ambulance owners.”

Key milestones achieved in 2016:


  • Completed developing our MVP in under five months and launched a limited pilot in Hyderabad in September 2016.
  • Hit the milestone of 100 live rides on our MVP in four weeks and 500 in eight weeks from then.
  • Closed an angel round of $200,000.
  • Selected for NASSCOM 10K Startups cohort and Mobile 10X (an initiative of the Internet and Mobile Association of India).
  • Built a strong and diversely skilled team and are continuing to focus on bringing onboard the best brains to help us achieve our mission.
  • Completed developing and released our partner suite of applications in under eight weeks.
  • Came in the top three in UberPITCH India 2016. Uber to invest $50,000 in Ambee.
  • Expanding operations to Bengaluru, with a couple of international hospital chains on board.

 How is Ambee looking at 2017?


  • Expanding network and operations to the top five cities in India.
  • Closing the next round of funding to continue building a stellar team.

Ambee storyline

*Click here to view the complete Ambee storyline*

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