The ChalkStreet Storyline — highlighting entrepreneurial lessons of 2016


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Learning is a basic human ability and now to make it even more accessible, you need no more than a laptop, a continuous power supply, and a good internet connection. Today, with the increasing number of online courses available to learn skills, startups like ChalkStreet are helping people get job-ready in no time.

ChalkStreet, a curated online marketplace for self-paced online courses, has over 1,00,000 registered learners and offers over 350 courses on a wide variety of topics.

It aims to liberate learning from the clutches of traditional thinking and is looking to break down the walls between the need to learn and the availability of great learning experiences.

Learnings from 2016:

Rajesh Kumar, Founder, ChalkStreet, told YourStory, “We learnt the importance of curating the content and cleaned our course offering to retain only the best content. We had got a bit carried away with scaling up the number of courses we offered and we course-corrected in early 2016.”

“We experimented with the product quite a bit and believe that we have hit our sweet spot. Engagement has been the key issue for this industry and with our renewed Android app and some innovative product features, we have made great strides in this regard in 2016.”

Key milestones achieved in 2016:


Courses, more than revenue, were a priority for us in 2016. We scaled up our courses to breach the 300-course mark despite being very stringent on the review process and building up our reviewing capability. We believe that content-curation capabilities will be a key differentiator for us and help us become the trusted partner for learning.


It was a year of experiments for us with reorganising ourselves to topic-based learning with articles and videos to complement our courses. We also built a native Android app with offline learning to make learning mobile!


With our priority being on courses and product, crossing one lakh registered learners with zero marketing spend has been a glorifying moment for us and a clear indication of the market potential.

Target for 2017

Courses and content: Continue to scale up our course selection and cross 1,000 courses. We are also introducing new ways of mobile-friendly learning this year and we want to scale up content creation for that too.

Product: We are launching our iOS app and the new Android app with flash cards and other new ways of learning for the current times and the future. Engagement will be a major focus area for us in 2017 and we look to continue our momentum from over the last few months into 2017.

Marketing: 2017 will be our breakout year and we are ready to go all out! Now that we have a great product that is ready to go and loaded with a great selection of courses and other content, we are all set to roll.

ChalkStreet storyline

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