4 reasons why startups should attend the Vodafone ‘Think Big, Scale Right’ meet-up


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In the world of startups, networking ranks right up there. Ask any successful entrepreneur, and he or she is sure to tell you how important it was for them in their early days to get inspiration, support and mentorship from those in the industry.

A chance to learn tricks of the trade from the ones who’ve made it big, or to interact with people like you braving the same kind of challenges, is exciting.

Vodafone is bringing one such opportunity to you with its ‘Think Big, Scale Right’ meet-up. The event, being held in Bengaluru and Mumbai, is Vodafone’s next big step to drive growth in India’s startup ecosystem. In the last year alone, they’ve partnered with several incubators and conducted e-commerce summits along with ICICI.

The telecommunications giant has been working with startup unicorns for five years now. Vodafone maintains that engaging and partnering with startups in the early stage will give them the opportunity to scale right, as their growth story moves forward sequentially. In fact, the meet-up will focus on how startups that are currently in the early stage or the growth stage can move ahead with their operations.

The event is being held in Bengaluru on March 1, 2017. Register now!

If you still haven’t saved the date, here are four more reasons to convince you why you cannot afford to miss it.


  • Experience matters
  • The ‘Think Big, Scale Right’ meet-up will feature an exclusive Experience Zone that will demonstrate Vodafone’s business solutions, aimed at helping startups improve their business and grow. This will help you, as a startup, to understand the potential application of their solutions for your product/service. For all you know, it could be just the thing that your company is looking for.
  • Build your network
  • Startups from across sectors will be present at the event. This will give you a great opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and other startup teams. Building contacts and meeting companies that are facing similar situations like yours will give you better insight on how to move forward.
  • An opportunity to learn from the successful ones
  • Vodafone has partnered with many successful startups in the past. Not only have these startups grown enormously, but today they’re leading examples of success stories. The event will feature speakers from companies like Zoomcar, Housejoy, DriveU, BHive and the likes. A panel discussion will offer further insights on challenges and the best way in which you can overcome them.
  • A chance to gain Vodafone’s expertise and partner with them
  • Collaboration is a key component of a startup’s growth. With Vodafone’s deep involvement in the startup ecosystem, startups that get to partner with them can avail of several benefits. The meet-up focuses on the emerging opportunities (lOT, Cloud/ Saas) in the country along with the best solutions that startups can implement to grow and scale.

Here is your chance to learn more. It’s everything your growth story needs!

Don’t miss this event! Be there on March 1, 2017.

Venue: 91 Springboard, Koramangala. Bengaluru.

You can register here.

Note: The date for Mumbai’s event is yet to be announced.


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