Ways to become creative in the next 10 minutes


Most people are of the notion that creativity is about being able to paint some scenery or write a lovelorn poem at the drop of a hat. But in reality, it can mean anything from coming up with a different arrangement for your balcony to making something new out of a handkerchief.

Creativity is embedded in every human being since the time they are born. We are all creative. But as we grow up, we set a pattern to our thought process that often curbs our creativity.

Give a chid a mould of clay and a few pieces of scrap and you will see how the child uses his or her imagination to make something unique out of it.

Often, our busy lifestyles prevent us from spending hours to nurture our creative muscles. But the good news is, you can get your creativity flowing in just 10 minutes. Here’s how:

Let out a hearty chuckle

Get a little silly and let out a chuckle even if you do not find anything to be funny. It will induce a positive vibe in you which helps trigger creativity.

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Ever felt like you’ve just gone into another world while working on something? Well, it is actually good to zone out at times. A wandering mind can lead to a creative approach for finding solutions.

Leave office for lunch

Leaving your office environment for lunch can refresh your creativity and re-energise you when it’s time to go back to work. Taking a short stroll outside can clear your thoughts and help you refocus.


Yes. It’s okay to relax once in a while and stop thinking about anything in particular. Your mind needs that well-deserved break that can boost your creativity for the next couple of hours.

Keep something nice to gaze at

This could be a plant, picture, landscape, photograph, a smiley face or anything that makes you feel pleasant. Whatever it is, place it around your workspace. Keeping objects that are pleasing to your eye can make you feel good, thereby increasing your creativity.

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Talk and get opinions

You never know from where ideas can be generated. A colleague or friend may mention something that can spark an idea in you.

Try something new

Sign up for a different class or course. You could also do something new over the weekend. Check out various hobby events and activities in your city and sign up for them right away!

Use your hands to write

Like duh! Everyone uses their hands to write. No, that’s not what I meant here. In today’s age, where we note down everything using technology, it will be a good change to hold a pen and write down everything just like how we did way back in school. The smell of ink and paper are enough to let your creativity flow.

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Creativity is a trait that needs to be practised. The more you exercise your creativity, the more ideas come to your mind!


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