4 easy steps to make your remote team a success story


Gone are the days when employees of a single organisation worked from the head office or the company’s different branches. Globalisation has dramatically changed the work ethics across all sectors, and virtual and remote teams are the norm today. Several successful companies have no base at all and their employees operate from different parts of the world.

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While this is an exciting turn of events for both managers as well as employees, it can become a task for entrepreneurs to establish a work culture that is recognised by all employees. If you find yourself in a similar position, check out these few tactics that will help you build a strong work culture among a remote team.

Shared leadership

A forward-thinking leader is of utmost importance if a company wants to build a strong culture among a remote team. The leader should trust that his employees don't need to prove to him that they are working all the time. As long as the tasks get completed and the goals get accomplished, the leader shouldn't hound his employees about what they are doing with their time. When every employee in a remote team believes he or she is responsible rather than answerable, they will automatically do a better job.

Make your company culture known

Your employees will have little or no face-time with one another and therefore might not know each other beyond their email signature. In such a scenario it is imperative to communicate the work culture you are looking to establish. Everyone involved should be on the same page regarding how performance is measured and the expectations the company has from all its employees. The company culture will change as years pass and it is important to reassess it to keep up with passing time.

Get to know your employees

It is always difficult to get to know a person through a computer screen than it is to get to know them in person. In order to establish a great work culture among a remote team, you will have to start by getting to know your employees on a personal level. Start by organising fun activities where employees willingly open up about their likes and dislikes. Do it on a public platform that is accessible to all employees so everyone is on the same page and no one feels left out.

Reward your employees

Just because your team is scattered in different parts of the world and you cannot throw elaborate parties for your employees like other companies do, it doesn't mean you don't recognise your team’s efforts and reward them. If one of your team members has done something that exemplifies your team culture, give them their reward. This can either be in the form of a blog post on your company website or a long email praising that particular employee for his efforts. Such action on your part will encourage others to follow suit.

If your company lacks a strong work culture, your employees will begin to feel aloof, and this will soon reflect in their work. This will ultimately result in disinterested employees who will start looking for better avenues and your company will end up losing out on some great talent.


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