China is building 'Vertical Forest' to combat increasing pollution


Today, pollution has become a major global issue. All over the world, countries are trying to come up with solutions to fight this problem. And the concern is all the bigger for countries with larger populations. China is taking the 'Green Environment, Clean Environment' thought to a whole other level with the construction of the 'Vertical Forest'.

Image Source- Inhabitat

Two towers, called the Nanjing Green Towers, are being constructed next to each other with 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs. The trees, plants and shrubs will cover 65,000 square feet of the buildings' area. The Green Towers are expected to absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide every year and produce approximately 60 kg of oxygen every day.

The towers, one of 200 meters in height and the other 108 meters, are expected to be built by 2018. The taller tower, with 35 floors, will host offices, a museum and a school for green architecture. The smaller of the two towers will be the Hyatt hotel, with 247 rooms. There will also be a club on the former's rooftop and a swimming pool on the latter's.

Stefano Boeri is the architect behind the design of these buildings, and they aren't his first of this kind. He had designed similar buildings earlier in Milan, Italy and Lausanne, Switzerland. The design, when earlier proposed, was considered to be something that just looked good on paper. However, with the ground-breaking success of Bosco Verticale in Italy, the green towers were later constructed in Switzerland. China is now the third country to have this design implemented.

Trees and plants can be planted on the ground as well, and will probably even make more sense. It will also save the extra concrete that must be used to ensure that the trees and shrubs have been planted properly. The structures will provide a personal mini-garden to each occupant to enjoy for themselves. Moreover, it is an incredible way to improve greenery in places where there is no space to plant trees.

Creating 'vertical forests' is a brilliant environmental move to improve greenery and purify air, and at the same time, improve the quality of life. The design and the architecture definitely deserve a good deal of credit.

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