Here is why companies should focus on enhancing their brand experience


Marketing is all about the experience that a brand has to offer to its customers with every interaction. It’s a psychological process rather than just the mere aspect of ‘selling a product’. Every brand carries with itself a certain kind of feeling for different people that largely depends upon the experiences that they have had with the brand. The kind of experience that you give people, the sensations and feelings that your brand name invokes, will determine what your brand means to them. In plain and simple words, the better the brand experience the more loyalty you get. It’s a fairly proportionate relationship. After all, without the experience, you become just another generic product.

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There are two important factors to brand experience – the tonality and the totality. According to a research, the brands that provide a holistic experience to their customers are the ones that come on the top of the Brand Experience Index. The right combination of both tonality and totality helps a company in achieving that holistic brand experience that will motivate the customers.

What is totality?

Literally, totality means nothing but the completeness of the various elements of marketing that a company has to offer. Completeness coupled with consistency gives a sense of security and assurance to the customers, where they will be bound to agree to the fact that your company is going to deliver each and every time. For example, a travel agent or a company associated with travelling or other similar bookings cannot afford to be perfect on one job and sloppy on another.

Customer loyalty is something that is to be earned; a job done halfheartedly will not get you there. It is a part of human psyche to trust and prefer something/someone that is thorough and consistent. There are a good number of companies which are very prompt in attracting customers and grow in value but their negligence of the quality of consistency is what keeps them from retaining the valuable customers.

What is tonality?

Going beyond the mundane aspects of ‘buying and selling’ products, companies must be able to connect emotionally with their customer. Tonality is all about the spirit with which one conducts business which must be in line with the ideology of the brand. There will not be any emotional connect if the tonality does not match the ‘vibe’ of the brand. This trait is also referred to as the brand personality or the voice of the brand.

All in all, in order to provide for a good brand experience, both these elements of tonality and totality should be taken care of, consciously, during each interaction. Failing to ensure either or both will most definitely see a drop in loyalty.


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