6 ways to ensure lifelong customer loyalty


Any company is almost always tempted to make new sales, grow by leaps and bounds, and even purchase bigger accounts. That’s the natural instinct, and companies should always target to grow larger by each day. But in this pursuit of growth, something that often takes a step back is taking care of their existing customers. Paying attention to the existing customers is an essential factor that is going to help keep your business thriving.

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As a beginner entrepreneur, one might think that the hardest task in the world is to attract that first set of customers, but what they fail to realise is that they need to solidify the newly acquired preference that they got from the customers. Mastering this art is going to ensure your business is going to be in for the long haul. Here are six ways to build solid customer loyalty.

Make them feel special

A little personal touch goes a long way, and that is certainly true when it comes to post sales customer care. Little things like sending personalised messages on their birthdays or anniversaries can make a world of difference. It’s important to let them know that you value their presence.

Reward customer loyalty

The best way to secure a solid place in the hearts of your customer is to reward them, and the most cost-effective way to do that is to slip in a freebie from time to time or give discounts. It would literally cost you a fraction for this nice gesture that is most definitely going to solidify that much wanted customer loyalty.

Ask for advice

Nothing is better than a company that listens to feedback and then implements it. Asking customers about the product or the brand is a great way to know whether it is doing well or not. Of course, it is up to the company to act on this feedback or not. Use social media, emails, or even physical questionnaires to know what customers really feel about the product.

Stand out

A good way to ensure lifelong customer loyalty is to stand out from the crowd. Offer something that you competitors cannot or do not. Going the extra mile and offering perks that other players cannot afford to offer can place your company in your customers’ good books. Offer better discounts, customer support, or free deliveries to ensure the same.

Special treatment for special customers

A good way to build customer loyalty is to keep reminding them that they are very valuable to your company. Keep reminding them of the sense of exclusivity by offering loyalty discounts, rebates, or offers that will make them feel special.

Connect on social media

A foolproof way to make a real connection with your customers is to use the handy little tool called social media. Remember, connection is a two way street and if your customers are trying to do so, you should return the gesture. Use the various social media sites as a platform for friendly conversations where you can take the time to reply to their messages.

The worst thing that can happen to a company is when they start to experience the much dreaded customer loyalty drop. Hence, caution should always be taken in order to place the customers on the highest pedestal in order to keep the goodwill flowing.