Women who know their fashion: India's fashion bloggers


A list of popular fashion bloggers in India.

Blogging is one of the ways to put your ideas out there and the misconception that bloggers don’t make money is just that - a misconception.

Fashion and lifestyle bloggers in India have been thriving and serve as an important tool for fashion brands that want to reach out to an audience and markets. From new clothing lines to accessories to designer labels and fashion events to fashion trends and styles -- these fashion bloggers are an expert on everything fashion.

Here are a few much-loved women fashion bloggers of India:

L-R- Masoom Minawala, Akanksha Redhu, Aayushi Bangur, Shalini Chopra, Rhea Gupte

Aayushi Bangur

Mumbai-based Aayushi Bangur calls her blog Styledrive “an alternative perception to fashion, style and it’s related nuances”.

From highlighting current fashion trends, styles and styling ideas to reviewing products, Aayushi also showcases different styles for different occasions and fashion trends that can be adopted by women across different age groups.

Akanksha Redhu

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Akanksha Redhu has a lot on her eponymous blog which she started in 2010. What started as her desire to chronicle her ideas has over the years grown and become popular. Her blog has fashion, travel, products and styles.

There is also a section on personally curated products compiled by Akanksha as her ‘Objects of My Desire.’

Masoom Minawala

Mumbai-based Masoom Minawala is a fashion-blogger-turned-entrepreneur. She launched her blog to nurture her interest in fashion; she started by styling her own wardrobe and posting pictures online.

Her hobby became quite a hit with the online audience. Seeing that, she started blogging more. But after a year and a half of doing that she realised fashion was her calling, so she launched Style Fiesta, a high street e-commerce label in 2012.

Rhea Gupte

Rhea Gupte’s FUSS is a culmination of her interest in fashion, photography, art and travel. Based out of Goa, she has been a part-time model since she was 16. The USP for Rhea’s FUSS is that she often tells a story and it’s not just fashion for sale. The aesthetics and the creatives that she offers are different and unique.

Shalini Chopra

Bengaluru-based Shalini Chopra’s fashion blog StylishByNature.com offers tips on fashion, style and trends, as well as how women can be trendy and stylish everyday.

Shalini’s styles are not just from luxurious boutiques but also draw from street and casual fashion, something for everyday and for everyone.

Shalini’s twitter feed shows not just fashion but also products and reviews too.

Stefy Gupta

Stefy Gupta’s blog ‘Stand Gorgeous’ highlights how mix and match can create something new each time.

The social media professional says no one should compare with another and that, "Everyone has his or her own race.”

There are very many fashion bloggers, particularly on Instagram. If you have a knack for fashion and can do magic with accessories and clothes, then go get started as a fashion blogger. What's stopping you?


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