Keep your eyes on the prize; GetSetGo is ready to flag off your fitness journey


Getting fit is, unfortunately, no small feat. It is a process that requires dedication and guidance. That’s where GetSetGo comes in. Intent on creating a healthy India, the startup is all set to help you into a fit future.

According to WHO reports, India is the diabetes capital of the world, with nearly 60 millions Indians already suffering from the disease. Urban malnutrition is also at perilously high levels. The spending pattern of Indians is moving towards non-discretionary products and services. Rajiv Ambat, Shraddha Bhavalkar, Akash Saxena, Pratik Thakkar, Varun Sreenivasan and Melvin Cherian together decided to take steps to save society from the spread of such health issues. They thus co-founded GetSetGo Fitness in November 2016 with a vision of creating a healthier India. The company is based out of Pune.

Team GetSetGo


Talking to YourStory, Rajiv says, “One of the characteristics that make me is my grit to stay put and keep doing what I do. This has helped me reach whatever small success I have seen in my life. I am also influenced by a thought by my college dean - Network is your Networth. In that aspect, I have been blessed to be surrounded by a lot of people who are happy and doing great things in their area of expertise.”

How does GetSetGo help you stay healthy?

GetSetGo is an online health and wellness community for every shape, size and wallet. They provide their clients with a host of services ranging from diet plans and exercise regimes to guided fitness programmes.

The diet plans are automated, created through the use of a host of information, and are tailor-made for individual goals. One could fix online appointments over Skype with their fitness coaches and get advice on their regimes.

The next level of service is where a person can sign up with one of their coaches for a 12-week guided fitness programme. Thereafter, the coach will handhold and guide them through the fitness regime.

USP of the service

GetSetGo engages with its clients through social recognition, gamification and rewards. This keeps the latter motivated throughout the programme. They provide a graded set of services, ranging from a Rs 99 diet plan to guided fitness programmes under a coach. They believe that their crux is in being an engagement company, engaging with, motivating and handholding their clients through their fitness journey.

Inspiration behind the name

GetSetGo signifies the start of the fitness journey of an individual. They believe in making their clients embrace fitness as a lifestyle rather than as a passing fad.

What does their revenue growth look like?

Currently, the 20-member team is seeing 20 percent month-on-month growth, and they are hoping to close a revenue of Rs 50 lakh per month by the end of this calendar year.

Market size

The health and wellness market in India is worth nearly Rs 2 lakh crore and is growing at a CAGR of 20 percent. Almost 40 percent of that is centred on fitness and weight loss.



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