4 ways to ensure that you make mindful career choices


Career, a word that makes most people lose their mind. Some make concrete and mindful choices and others, they just let it sail, or should I say ‘go with the flow’. If you are the kind of person who leaves their career to chance, you should take a step back and reflect. Some of the best decisions in life are taken when one is calm, rational, and strategises their moves.

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Being mindful is really all about knowing yourself, to know what works best for you, what drives you in order to take better charge of your own life. It’s very important for every individual to understand and be conscious of who you are, for in order to take decisions in life or career, you need to understand this well.

Here are four key decision aspects that need to be understood while taking a quick judgment call:

Decision making

There are a host of factors that go into the process of effective decision making. They can range from individual differences, goals, age differences, and the socioeconomic status of the person concerned. An individual’s character says a lot about the kind of decisions that they might make. For example, a person who is prone to high levels of anxiety might shy away from opting for jobs that do not provide job security and contain elements of uncertainty. Thus, it is very important to be aware of one’s own behavioral traits.

Developing the skills

The first and foremost aspect of choosing or changing a career is to always keep one thing in mind – your ultimate career goal. Before making a rash decision, ask yourself whether the choice will take you a step closer to that coveted goal or not. Make choices that adds to your skill sets and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. Every aspiring professional must make their decisions based on whether the move hones their skills or not.

Place of work

The place where you wish to work right at the onset of the career will largely decide the trajectory of the whole journey. Where you choose to work is of great importance because the pace of the company mirrors and largely defines the pace of your career as well. This factor is also a good determinant of the pace of growth of an individual. Of course, a shabby company will have a work culture that won’t really demand much from an individual’s capabilities.

Whom to work with

The last factor, but definitely not the least, is the kind of environment including the people that we want to surround ourselves with. One may not know it, but the choices that we make are largely a result of the opinions and suggestions of the people who are around us, namely the colleagues, bosses, and associates. Make wise decisions when it comes to prioritising people and devoting time. So, positive influencers are who one should be looking for.

It’s all about knowing oneself and making decisions accordingly. When it comes to our careers, most of the time, we have the liberty to shape them how we want to, and one should always make good use of that privilege.


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