OMG Labs, a startup adding protein to a predominantly vegetarian regular Indian diet.


Kasi Saravanan, with a vision of selling proteins not only to the gym-goer but also to the everyman, started OMG Labs in February 2016.

The company produces proteins and develops them organically. It creates organic, fully natural protein powders and drinks for one and all. They are concentrating on the fresh produce to be accessible, affordable, and convenient. No-nonsense powders and drinks. No chemicals. No additives. No sugars. No flavourings. They are focusing on recreating nature's goodness in concentrated products.

James Lishman is the CTO and is based in the UK. He is a biotechnologist by profession and their protein chef. His previous experience includes Merck and WHO.

Kasi has experience in management consulting in the healthcare sector with SKT Consulting. He has also worked in the investment banking sector with Citi Bank.

Their core product offering is proteins.

Founder OMG Labs

Story behind the name of the company

According to Kasi, "OMG means Organic Medical Group. We started our first company which was a marketing and event management company. I bought up the rights for OMG Worldwide which then stood for Original Marketing Group.”

Current team size and their motto

They are four people in India and two in the UK, all trying to make the world a fitter, healthier, stronger, and leaner place. Kasi says, “I put in 90-hour weeks and retain the ones who love the journey as much as I do."

USP of the product

According to Kasi, "The regular Indian diet is not good for recuperation from surgery, so we work with Apollo to tailor protein-rich diets to recuperate faster. We create liquid meal replacements which are high in protein and meet all your calorific requirements. We cater to the active professionals in corporates.”

Revenue growth and projection

Their annual revenue is Rs 1.2 crore at the current revenue run rate and they claim to be growing by around 60 percent a month. They also claim to be among the largest organic protein companies in South India by market awareness, clients, and exposure.

Monetisation strategy

They have a subscription and e-commerce model. Along with that, they also have traditional offline routes through their distributors and fast-growing influencer network. They are getting more trainers online and providing them with a voice while they monetise with their recommendations. They are conducting nutrition awareness with schools and colleges to boost sales from the young demographic. They are also working with doctors and dieticians.

Funding status

OMG Labs is bootstrapped. They have had angel funding from Reliance Jio’s product head and ex-Mckinsey VP. They have not required funding since and they claim to be a profit-making company.


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