Does your company have a defined ‘sales funnel’ to make daily conversions?


In the corporate life, every day is a battle, and the only way to win the war is to capture the client market. We all know that customer is king, and the secret to converting this king into a loyal ally is to have a very strong conversion plan.

The basis of creating conversions is to talk a prospective buyer into agreeing with you and needing your product. Sometimes, our approach can be either too lackadaisical or too intense to create a conversion. The best way to avoid falling into a rut is to define a strategy and method.

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What your company needs is a defined ‘sales funnel’.


To create awareness of your product, you need to make its presence felt in the market. You need to create an image of your product and get it out into the market through various marketing channels (social media, press, promotions, and exhibitions). Never stop doing this even when you become a household name. Don’t let them forget you.

Also know who your client is and where you can find them. There’s no point arriving at the wrong tower if Rapunzel isn’t waiting for you up there, is there? Find your client base, target them with a bull’s eye, and set out to introduce them to your brand.


Now that you have identified your target and made them aware of your presence, it is time to generate an interest. Just being present is not enough considering the competition today. You need to have a loud presence and then do something crazy enough to grab everyone’s attention to make them want your product. Demos, exhibitions, free trials, sample products, crazy promotional advertisements, strategies, there is no end to what you can experiment with! Remember Volkswagen’s ‘talking newspaper’ ad?  Wasn’t it just pure genius? They put the radio in your newspaper and gave you a television like image to go with it. Everyone wanted a Volkswagen that day!


This is where all techniques can either fail or succeed depending on how carefully you handle it. Always remember that the need of the customer is as important as the need for you to generate sales or make a conversion. Try to be honest, clear, and specific about your products and services. This creates a sense of trust, and that is what makes the conversion process efficient. Understand that you can’t rush into a sale, and neither can you be lazy about it.

A strong and clear sale funnel can help you build your company into a strong, well organised, and efficient machine that cannot fail. This is but the tip of the iceberg, and the possibilities and approaches to conversions are endless. Stay focused, sit down, and figure out your sale funnel approach. Happy conversions!


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