Arunachal teen designs goggles to help the blind detect obstacles


Anang Tadar is an 11th-standard student from Arunachal Pradesh who has designed special goggles to make life easier for the visually impaired. He studies at New Galaxy Academy, Nirjuli, and has named his invention Goggle For Blind (G4B). These innovative goggles make use of ultrasound and infrared sensors to detect obstacles in their way.

Image Source: North East Live

These goggles use the principle of echolocation that bats use at night, and can help detect any obstacle within a range of 2 metres. Echolocation is the process by which sound waves echoes are used to determine whether there is any object present in the vicinity. Two ultrasound sensors are present on both the left and right side of the goggles to detect any obstacle. According to the Hindu, Anang also said,

There is also an infrared sensor in the middle of the gadget to detect obstacles in case both the ultrasound sensors fail.

On detecting the obstacle, the goggles produce a beep along with vibrations to alert the person. This will help a blind person detect nearby objects without using a stick.According to Hindustan Times, Anang told journalists in Itanagar,

These days there are so many obstructions both inside the house and outside. The G4B will help blind people move around a lot easier.

Anang was recently given the Dinanath Pandey Smart Idea Innovation Award for inventing the G4B. He also participated in the national-level science exhibition organised by the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) at Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi. According to the Arunachal Pradesh government, UNICEF was impressed with the invention and has requested Anang to build more prototypes. The aim is to make it comparatively lighter as it's a little bulky presently. As he does not belong to a very wealthy family, he approached Chief Minister Pema Khandu for his help and has been assured full financial support.

The vision and innovation this young boy has displayed are commendable definitely worthy of applause.

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