The best companies to work for in 2017


Have you been contemplating about changing your job for some time now? If so is the case and you like playing it safe, this article is just for you. A few factors that make companies like Google a desirable place to work at are the amazing perks that come with the job, company reviews, and ratings from former and current employees and the compensation offered to potential candidates. While Google has occupied the number one position for the eighth time in 11 years in the Fortune survey, there are a few companies on this list that will surprise you. Read on to find out which companies make the cut.

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Google India

Talk to any Google India employee and they will tell you that their work environment is so outstanding that they don't feel like leaving the office at all. From a fully equipped gym to recreational games, Google has mastered the art of providing the perfect company culture to help their employees grow with one another. Other than that, the company is also equipped with sleep pods so employees can take a quick nap to recharge themselves and a flexible work schedule to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


RMSI is an IT service company based out of Delhi NCR. It undertakes initiatives such as relationship and parenting counseling, child psychology, thyroid tests, health initiatives for women with breast, and cervix cancer and the company also organises self defense shops. Apart from this, to keep their employee morale high at all times, the management sets up other fun activities like a photography club, Zumba lessons, guitar classes, and much more.

American Express India

American Express India is one company which helps their employees maintain a strong personal and professional balance. They host a program called ‘Smart Savings’ to educate their employees about their own long-term savings. Other than that, there are several health and other benefits for potential leaders and pregnant employees in the company.

Marriott Hotels

At Marriott, they cultivate associates and not employees. The company has been operational in India for only 15 years but they have managed to create a work place where they take care of their associates brilliantly. From staff discounts and benefits at Marriott hotels around the globe to social engagement opportunities and health benefits, individuals employed with the Marriott Hotels will attest to the fact that the company pulls out all stops when it comes to employee welfare.

Intel Technology

Most employees at Intel technology are given two major bonus programmes annually along with other medical, dental, and vision coverage programmes. Employees are also entitled to job related education coursework and vacation leaves every once a year. In order to keep their workforce fit and healthy, this company has basketball and football courts and fitness centers.

As Stephen R Covey, business author and successful entrepreneur once said, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”



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