Meet the 6-year-old Bruce Lee fan who is breaking the internet with his martial art moves


Once a little kid's attention is caught, they cannot stop obsessing over that person or thing. The kid is suddenly so fascinated by their object of interest that they do not want to share that attention with anything else. While this is fairly normal, there are some kids, however, who take that interest to yet another level, leaving everyone surprised. Ryuji Imai from Japan is one such kid, whose fascination with Bruce Lee motivated him to learn quite a few things from him. So much so that this kid now has a fan following of his own.

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Ryuji Imai is just six years old, and he already has six pack abs. He was only five when he grabbed everyone's attention with videos uploaded on his social networking page. The videos showed him copying Bruce Lee's complex moves from his films to perfection, and he has not slowed down even a bit since. Ryuji has around two lakh followers on Facebook, and the number of likes and comments on his video and picture uploads is a testimony itself to his popularity.

If you regularly follow his posts on Facebook, the improvement in his skills over time is quite evident. Watching him performing his bold kicks and nunchuck skills is a treat in itself. It feels like you are watching a true Jeet Kune Do master at work. There is an uncanny similarity to Bruce Lee in the way he delivers his punches and kicks, so much so that he has been called the reincarnation of Bruce Lee himself by many.

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Popularly known as the Mini Lee, it is his father who trains him. Under his father's supervision and training, he has been practising the proper techniques of Jeet Kune Do. While there are many who struggle to even play simple indoor or outdoor games at his age, he demonstrates his nunchuck skills with great confidence and accuracy.

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His impressive dedication and discipline, coupled with the huge following at such a young age, promises a very bright future for this young and adorable fellow. Age is a number after all, isn't it?

Here is a video of him doing what he does best:

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