What to keep in mind to create an effective Facebook ad


FB ads that work do so because their creators have done something right. More often than not, it's a combination of time, content, and getting the basics correct. The fact of the matter is explained on the company's website.

To make FB ads work, you need to work at getting the basics right and build up from there. If your basic fundamentals are in tatters and you lack primal knowledge regarding FB adverts, you will get disillusioned. Here's a list of three basic pre-requisite essentials for you to seriously consider in order to create an FB ad that gets results.

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Define your target group

In the end, it all boils down to if you know your TG like the back of your hand or like the back of your skull; completely or hardly. Your Facebook ad should target those who have visited your website, used your app, or signed up for your email list.

When you know your TG completely, your ads will speak their language, visit their getaways, dance to their playlist, and much more. But in doing so, do not become silly. Most marketers base their strategies on the false assumption that all ads need to be quirky, stupid or out there, because the new-age consumer's brain has devolved to resemble a lump of log. Wrong approach. Considering the psychological and psychosocial degree to which advertising influences individuals en masse, it's about time to level the playing field with the consumers and create advertising that's made with due research and diligence.


Design sense

Pictures do not speak a thousand words. Thousand words speak a thousand things. Period. Visuals have a language of their own. The spectrum of colours within which lies our perception of reality, can be altered, affected, and influenced by a range of different colours. A short Google search can help you understand how black and white, red and blue etc. affect emotions and ultimately, behaviour. To simply put up pictures of a happy family, a healthy elderly man, or a petite woman eating ice-cream is like mocking our own mental setup. To create an FB ad that works, create one that stands out, as much for its uniqueness but also for the correct choice of visual, and as we'll now see, for its choice of words, too.

Copy sense

According to Trew Marketing’s Ryan Gardner, “In the ever-changing digital world, content creation has become more useful than ever for boosting SEO, establishing thought leadership and trust, attracting visitors and generating leads, and promotion and sharing.”

Words are but sounds. And sound is a form of energy. Therefore, words are energy or shall we say, create energy inside the one reading them. We can all agree upon the dynamic nature of our world – there’s little time and lots of confusion. Can your words remove the clouds of confusion that are hanging over every person’s head? Can your ad be conscious instead of pretentious? Can your copy move people, not just emotionally, but in the right direction, too? Try this – forget for once about ad words and SEO. Think of your consumers as people you know a lot about but have never personally met. Now, write the copy. If you are honest about it, what you write will also be right.

Its relevance

The marketing people at Marketingpeople.com believe that the relevance of topical advertising cannot be ignored. They believe that “Creating topical content shows people that a brand is on the ball, relevant and clever. Especially if they have managed to link their business to a completely unrelated news story. Topical content generally tends to add something extra to the story. Which means it’s relevant for much longer than an advert would be. As the ‘something extra’ will still be relevant long after people have stopped talking about it.”

Timing is a very crucial part of advertising. When you time your ads well, in the sense that you are able to loop them (without being cheeky) with an event that's got everyone talking, chances are your ad too will get talked about and you can gain eyeballs in a matter of a few hours.

Most advertisers think like FB users when it comes to FB ads. That is to say, they don't take it seriously. However, if one puts together the number of people using FB at a given time, all notions of disinterest fade away. FB, in essence, is the TV of our generation. People gather from it all forms of info. In order to tap into a world of new potential, it's important for marketers to make their FB ads match the strategic acclimatisation of their other mediums of communication, chiefly, TV, radio and print.


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