CureFit-acquired Cult ropes in Hrithik Roshan to launch the new HRX workout


“Mukesh is fitter than I am. His workout regimes are insane and completely disciplined,” says Hrithik Roshan, at the launch of his workout – HRX. The workout will be available for all Cult members across all of its 10 centres in Bengaluru.

In August last year, Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori’s CureFit had acquired a controlling stake in Cult for $3 million. At that point in time, Cult had two centres in the city; today, the fitness chain has grown to include eight other centres.

Hrithik Roshan with Mukesh Bansal

Speaking on why they chose Cult, Mukesh says, "They have a unique training model where training is provided only in a group training format through high calibre trainers," says Mukesh, Co-founder of CureFit. He says Cult's combination of functional training, mixed martial arts, yoga, and other formats is very effective in producing results and keeping the customers highly engaged.

Commenting on the space and the unique training modules, Hrithik also said, "Mukesh has promised to construct and build a mini-Cult centre in my house.” It is no secret that Mukesh Bansal has a mean fitness regime, one that he is clearly passionate about.

When the former Flipkart executives started CureFit, the aim was to be an innovative combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery, through a mix of online and offline channels.

The startup believes that both experiences, online and offline, seamlessly integrated, will provide end-to-end proactive health management to consumers. Through this solution, consumers will be able to enjoy better quality of life, reduce the probability of falling sick, and significantly reduce the risk of long-term chronic diseases.

Speaking on the HRX workout, both Mukesh and Hrithik added that the aim is to ensure that everyone, at every level and stage of fitness, gets a regime that they want. “If someone has only 15 minutes, the workout is designed to help them achieve the ideal fitness level with that amount of time,” says Hrithik.

The workouts are broken up depending on the level of the user – the beginners go through a workout known as The First Step; The Zone or the intermediate level is up next, followed by You Edge, a competition workout that comprises all exercises Hrithik actually does in a day. The workouts draw inspiration from animal moves, mobility, and primal moves, and focuses on improving range of motion, core strength, and full body strength.

Mukesh believes that the HRX workout will bring more people into the fitness revolution. Recently, CureFit also acquired a controlling stake at The Tribe.

A report in the Mint quoted:

“CureFit will concentrate on Bengaluru with its fitness centres, which operate without using traditional gym equipment, and also introduce services in mental wellness, health food, and fitness through a mobile app it plans to launch later this year.”

CureFit has so far raised $20 million, and has VC firms like Kalaari Capital, IDG Ventures and Accel Partners on its board. Currently, there are close to 120 fitness startups in India, which have together raised close to $21.2 million as of 2016.



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