Disappointed Ola, Uber drivers unite to start their own app


Amidst the chaos between the state government's transport department and cab aggregation platforms like Ola and Uber, the livelihood of cab drivers in Bengaluru is at stake. Tired of being at the receiving end, the drivers association has decided to walk away from the confusion and build their own app, which will connect them directly to customers.

The drivers association, headed by one Tanveer Pasha, discussed the plan with former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on March 1 at Freedom Park during a hunger strike. Pasha, who heads the association of drivers from Ola, Uber and TaxiForSure, shared a positive response by the leader.

According to a TNM report, drivers say the app will be funded by Kumaraswamy, and the JD(S) leader has promised the drivers help in hiring engineers to develop the app. The core committee, which is formed by various heads of the driver's union, has united to successfully launch the app. Apparently, 8,000 cab drivers are onboard for this idea, and the search for office space and the hiring for a strong customer service team is already on.

Representational image; Source - Premshree Pillai / Flickr

The report also says that Kumaraswamy urged the drivers to not bow down to the rules of foreign companies but to rather be their own masters. The team is closely working on bringing more drivers on board from different cities in the meantime.

According to a report by igyaan.in, the drivers had decided to initiate a strike in February this year due to high commission rates, slashed incentives, less income, and long working hours. Though the strike affected the metro cities, with surge pricing and unavailability of drivers doing all the talking, the strike went in vain, and the frequency and cost of cabs has largely returned to normal now. However, not much was established by the drivers on strike.

Though the strike is still on, the team is working closely with the drivers to gather their support completely, considering that not everyone has been positive about it.