Frieda Pinto helped feed 800 hungry people with leftover food from the Oscars


The Oscars are always a great opportunity for celebrities to wear their best clothes and walk the red carpet while celebrating cinema's best offerings from that year. While Freida Pinto did the same, she took up an additional responsibility for a social cause. Freida collaborated with Chicago-based non-profit organisation Copia to ensure that the surplus food from the after-party was distributed among Los Angeles' needy.

Every year, there is a huge amount of food that goes uneaten at the Oscars. This year as well, there was a lavish spread prepared by top chef Wolfgang Puck for the Governor Ball's party. This extravagant and lavish meal included golden baked potatoes with caviar, gold-dusted popcorn, and Oscar-shaped matzo crackers with smoked salmon, among other delicacies. There were over 3,000 plates of fancy food and so it might not be a surprise that there was a humongous amount of leftover food as well.

With the aim of avoiding wastage of food as well as using this opportunity to give to the society, Freida teamed up with Copia. While in a conversation with Vanity Fair, she said,

Our aim is to ensure that no one goes hungry in our film and TV town of Los Angeles by recovering leftover foods from all of our big parties and events.

She also spoke about the same in one of her posts on social networking site Instagram.

Freida rose to fame in Hollywood with the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire and has, since then, acted in quite a number of films. Along with this, she has also dedicated her time to many social and humanitarian causes citing other prominent celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Malala Yousafzai as huge inspirations.

There might be many who become prominent and influential but there are only a few who use this to do something good. It is heartening to see Freida, who has achieved such stardom, still looking out for people less fortunate than herself.

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