A few helpful hacks for the overworked entrepreneur


Working for yourself doubtlessly has its perks, but all perks come with few cons as well. While an entrepreneur is expected to be flexible, efficient, and self- motivated, not all entrepreneurs can be consistent. It requires tonnes of motivation to keep yourself productive while also managing business. To top it all, your health and peace of mind are paramount to keep your business going because come on, you are the one running it! Here are a few useful hacks to ensure that you manage your time and efficiency well.

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Enter the office before anyone else does

Getting into office at least an hour earlier will free you from any distractions. The hustle and bustle wouldn’t have begun. You get ample amount of time to settle in before you have to run from one task to another.

How you dress matters

The first impression is the best impression. Often we here about how casual dressing and coming to office in pyjamas or floaters is the ‘in thing’. But to be honest, a person who presents himself well in a professional environment is pleasing to the eyes. It conveys maturity and seriousness. How are investors and clients going to take you seriously if you do not have the courtesy to present yourself well in front of them?

Disclose your goal publicly

Setting goals is always a good idea since it gives you direction. Be it long-term goals or small tasks, sharing them with others will help you keep track of what you intend to achieve.

Keep track of your health

You might be the most hard working business man around, your business might be doing great and your revenue numbers might be breaking the roof top. However if you do not maintain your health all your hard work won’t be worth it. How can a business function under someone who perpetually falls ill? Ensure that you make time for exercise. Also it is easy to lose track of what you consume due to a busy schedule. Plan your week in such a way that all this is in place throughout the week.

Go on a road trip far away from home

Travelling far away from home increases creativity. Go on a road trip at least once a month, disconnect from the usual routine, and reflect on other things you intend to do. It might be reading a book or exploring a different area. Change the location every now and then.

Use the two-minute rule

Whenever you come across a task that can be done immediately or rather in two minutes, finish it off at once. It helps you clear your way and make way for other more time consuming tasks. Moreover it is easier and can be finished off at once. So why procrastinate?

Use sticky notes

Instead of using technology to remind you of tasks to be done, use post-its. While you are managing several things at once, these notes will help you remember the small tasks.

We all have 24 hours in a day. What matters is how we utilise these hours to our maximum benefit. So try these hacks today!