These phrases work like magic when making any request


We've all made a request at some point or another only to be turned down. In the corporate world especially, asking for a prolonged vacation or even making a request for a day off can seem like a herculean task. One important factor that needs to be remembered while making a request is that the receiver of the request should feel the importance of what you're asking of them to grant you the request. Sometimes, it's alright if your request gets turned down. But at times when getting a yes is crucial, you can follow these techniques to make a successful request.

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Replace the word 'can' with 'could'

Always play the request in your mind before uttering the words out loud. ‘Could I have this Friday off?’ sounds a lot more polite than ‘Can I have this Friday off?’. When you give the individual you're making a request to the impression that you're genuinely asking for their permission and not simply informing them, there is a better chance of your request being taken seriously.

Feel free to say no…

Here is one phrase that will most likely get you an answer in your favor. In fact, this phrase might even double your chances of getting a yes. You can use these five magic words at the beginning of a sentence or at the end of it, however you deem fit. For example, ‘Feel free to say no but I was thinking about taking this Friday off’ or ‘I was thinking about taking this Friday off but feel free to say no’. Where you use this phrase in a request is not of consequence, when you use it is. This phrase is most suitable in situations when the request can be accepted or rejected immediately.

I was hoping/wondering if I could…

Use the words ‘I was hoping if I could’ or ‘I was wondering if I could’ when you're making a big request. You should also make use of this phrase when you are making a request to someone who is at a higher level than you. This way, you put them in a position of power and hand them the absolute authority to make the decision. When an individual feels that they are free to make a choice and are not coerced in any way, they are more likely to comply.

Do you think I might be able to..?

When your request sounds something like ‘Do you think I might be able to take this Friday off?’, you are not only being polite, but you are also granting the receiver of the request the freedom to arrive at any decision they deem fit. When an individual doesn't feel external pressure while making a choice, they will consider the motivation behind the request sincerely.

The next time you want to increase the odds of getting a yes in your favor, consider using the above mentioned phrases while making a request. Also, remember to be polite yet firm if you want your request to be taken seriously.


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