6 steps to know what your customer really wants


You might think your product is simply out of the world, of the best quality, and has a lot of benefits. But the truth is that no one is going to buy it till they actually need it. You may give it a shot and persuade people to buy it, but before this, it is crucial to try understanding what they need. Lack of understanding of customer needs is a recipe for disaster. With the digital age, customers are becoming more versatile. Several factors need to be taken into consideration while trying to understand customers, gender, income, and demographics, to name few.

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Here are a few ways to know what your customer truly wants.

Get to know who your customers are

Your sales and marketing efforts will become much easier once you know more about your customers. Develop a customer profile and segment your customers. Once you have done this, it becomes easier to cater to the needs of each segment.

What kind of content do they like?

What are your customers’ needs and problems? As you engage with your customers, you will develop a better engagement pattern and be able to design content accordingly. If needed, get to your customers on call regularly. Encourage them to share their thoughts and build a strong relationship with them.

Look at it from their perspective

If you are running a business and want your customers to return, then you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and meet their expectations. Have a personal touch and offer them something extra. These little gestures make a lot of difference and you can be guaranteed of customer retention and references.

Who do they currently purchase from?

It’s always a good idea to know where your customers purchase from and why. Based on this, you can even ask them whether your product would prove beneficial to them. Knowing whether they are happy with their present suppliers will also help you make your sales decisions.

Get your team to meet customers

Make all the teams related to your business get on ground and meet customers. Apart from the sales team, this exercise should also be practised by other teams as well, to know the nature of the business and understand the tastes of these customers. This is often overlooked but is a much needed task to be performed. You might be amazed at the outcome.

Identify trends

Once you have done all this, you will notice a trend across various segments and people. Your sales and marketing decisions can be streamlined more systematically. Check various patterns and data to make an analysis. The analysis will give you valuable information about customer behaviour.

Getting to understand your customers in the best possible way may be an endless process as tastes and interest continue to vary. But really it’s worth all the effort. 


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