7 lesser-known copywriting techniques that keep readers glued to your content


Whether you're a seasoned copywriter or a complete novice, honing your copywriting skills is always a good thing if you want to keep your readers interested. You must have read several articles that provide tips on how you can improve your headlines, sub-headlines, and the content that goes in your article. While those are all valuable lessons, there are a few copywriting tips that not many people are aware of and these tips can improve your copies drastically. Read on to find out what these lesser-known techniques are.

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Longer copy works better

A lot of copywriting gurus might have told you that short copies work wonders as compared to long-form copies. This is because short copies don't require the reader to pay attention for more than a few seconds. The truth is that longer copies are more successful than their shorter counterparts. However, if you want to make your long copy a hit, you need to pen it in such a manner that it holds the attention of your reader for its entire duration.

Stating facts eloquently

Any copy you write needs to be well-researched and it should contain facts and analysis to support the claims you are making. Include statistics and case studies wherever you can but don't sound like a textbook or your copy is doomed.

Segregate your readers

It is important to cater your copy to a select audience because when you try to market to everyone, you end up marketing to no one. The main reason why you need to qualify your readers is to make them feel confident that what you have to say is tailored for a certain section of the audience that includes them. One way to do this is by stating plainly who will benefit most from your content.

Organise based on importance

If you're writing an article on five fashion must-haves for Spring-Summer 2017, your readers should know at one glance what those five things are. You can make use of bullet points and sub-headers to help your readers ingest key-points at a glance.

Egg readers on to read further

Every writer is bound to have a few slow spots in their copy. One simple way to keep your readers interested when the pace slows down is by planting seeds after every paragraph. You can use short phrases like 'let me explain' or 'read on find out' to keep the curiosity levels high.

Use power words

Words like proven, limited, and free create a greater impact on your reader's mind about what you are saying. Choose your power words smartly to create a sense of urgency that will make your readers come through when they finally read your call-to-action.

Strike an emotional chord

People make decisions based on emotions more than anything else. If you want your reader to come through on your call-to-action, appeal to their emotional sensibilities. While using facts and statistics is just as important, establishing an emotional connect will do wonders for your copy.

It is important to think about your reader first and foremost if you want your copy to be a success. A master copywriter knows which techniques to apply where and creates a conversion-friendly copy with ease.


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