How to reuse old content and gain social media traction


Active and robust social media profiles have become quintessential for brands today. While being active, brands today are responsible for posting relevant, high quality, and credible content. However, this is an elaborate and time-consuming process. Due to complex nature, sometimes, social media marketing tends to go off track with the other on-going campaigns.

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Keeping direction and also giving purpose to every post aids in the company’s marketing. Repurposing old posts can be a great way to re-engage audiences and also document the success of a campaign.

Here are five ways to repurpose your social media posts.

  1. Live streaming

Live streaming is a relatively new social media trend. It is a nice opportunity for you as a brand to pick your popular posts and go live to speak about them. Alternatively, you can organise webinars and live interactions. These videos can later be uploaded on YouTube as well.

  1. Pin posts

One way to gain social media traction is to pin important tweets. Both Twitter and Facebook give you the option to pin a post to the top of your page. This way whenever anyone lands on your page, they first see the pinned post. You can also pin Instagram top pictures on your Pinterest handle.

  1. Infographics

A lot of online tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, PikToChart, etc., help in creating simple, quick infrographics, even if you do not know Photoshop. A great way for people to remember you and your posts is to create compact and creative infographics.

For more engagement, add a re-sharing hashtag directly on the infographic. Your audience will share using the hashtag, and this, in turn, will increase the number of shares and drive traffic to your page/post. This is a wonderful way to reuse your social media content in a way that will capture new attention.

  1. Compile on Slideshare

Take some time out and bundle up your top posts, pictures, tips, and statistics from your social media platforms. Simple PDFs or PPTs can be made out of it and shared on Slideshare. Slideshare is rapidly growing and is a great platform to reach new audiences. This not only documents the content but also helps one reach new audience with old content.

  1. Twitter Moments and LinkedIn Pulse

Twitter Moments and LinkedIn Pulse are widely used by millions of people around the world. Twitter’s recently launched feature Moments allows users to curate multiple tweets around a topic of interest into a collection. It is an excellent way to allow your audiences to skim through your tweets with ease.

Similar concept is LinkedIn Pulse. The posts that you publish on LinkedIn can be combined into the Pulse, which aids your brand to speak about a topic with authority and credibility. Share the Pulse on Twitter and Facebook.

With some effort, time, quick thinking, and clever repurposing methods, one can reach new audiences or re-engage same audiences with a single set of content.