5 tips for selecting the right image for your Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are an unavoidable tool for digital marketers today. With the social media site boasting of over a billion users, one can accomplish myriad objectives by advertising on it — from creating awareness, acquiring leads, driving engagement, and increasing sales. Since every marketer realises the importance of Facebook Ads in their marketing strategies, the platform has become ultra-competitive and it's becoming harder to create ads that are effective.

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There are many aspects one must consider to create an effective Facebook Ad; it should target the ideal audience, have the perfect headline and copy, feature an appealing CTA, and, perhaps most importantly, make use of a visually arresting creative. Visual content is of paramount importance on social media, and here are five tips to nail the perfect one for your Facebook Ad.

Use images of people

Using images of people in your Facebook Ads is an excellent way to establish a connection with viewers. Images of people showing emotions — either happiness as a result using your product/service, or sorrow than can be alleviated if they use your offering — are extremely effective in Facebook Ads. Images of happy women, in particular, have proven to convert the best. Also, be careful while using stock photos. People will lose trust in a brand if they display irrelevant images in their ads.

Use colours to grab attention

People scroll through their Facebook feed in a hurry. There's simply too much information and not enough time to consume it all. That means you barely have a second to arrest a viewer's attention before they pass by your ad without giving it a cursory glance. Using bright, contrasting colours in your images can prevent this from occurring as they instantly draw a viewer's gaze to the ad.

Use your logo

Regularly incorporating your brand's logo in its Facebook Ads serves to cement an association between your business and its industry in viewers' minds. Brand recognition is an important aspect of any marketing strategy and logos play an important part in creating it. Your ad creatives should feature a logo as often as possible but they should never be the only thing in the image. Overlay the logo on a relevant background image (like your product or a real-life scenario of it being used) for it to have the maximum impact.

Use minimum text

Facebook limits the amount of copy you can place on an ad creative to 20 percent of the image space. But that doesn't mean you fill the 20 percent with as much text as possible. If you must add text to your ad creatives, use it to highlight your USP or value proposition in a clear and bold manner. Multiple lines of text in small fonts are not only harder to read on mobile, they're also unpleasing to look at which means that you risk losing a viewer's valuable attention.

Use unusual images

Since grabbing attention is the foremost purpose of your Facebook Ads, using catchy images that stand out in the sea of content is a good idea. Funny images of people or animals, and quirky illustrations or cartoons entice viewers to find out what the ad is about. But you should only use such images if they match the image you're trying to create for your brand. If you're a B2B company that is marketing to high-level professionals, using such images will only harm your credibility.

One thing to keep in mind while choosing Facebook Ad creatives is the image size which varies with different ad types. Once you've selected a couple of creatives that might work, you can use A/B testing to see which variation is the most effective in garnering clicks.


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