How to stay creative in a distracted world


Modern work life is a minefield of distractions. From constantly pinging cell phones to open-plan offices, there are several people and situations vying for our attention when we are trying our best to focus on the task at hand. Our daily frenzy can cause us to get irritable and lack of peace can lead to falling levels of creativity. Staying focused in a loud environment can get difficult and being creative can seem like an impossible task. However, with these tactics, you will not only be able to stay creative in a distracted work environment, but you will also be able to boost your creativity levels like never before.

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Rid yourself of any clutter

When we talk about clutter, we are not only referring to the mess of files and stationery lying on your desk, but also any old t-shirts and CDs that are of no use to you anymore. In addition to clearing out the physical clutter, try to get out of any after-work commitments that seem more like obligations than enjoyment as they will sap you of your energy and affect your creativity levels.

Follow set routines

Divide your day effectively into morning and evening activities so you don't have to come up with a new schedule every day. When you spend a considerable amount of time thinking about when to shower and when to hit the gym, your brain is forced to spend time planning such mundane activities instead of thinking of new ideas and solutions.

Create a priority list

No matter how many tasks you have to fulfill in a day, make a list of the top three or top five activities that need to be completed on priority. Once you have ranked all your tasks in order of preference, assign deadlines to each of the tasks. This way, when you are lagging behind, your deadlines will remind you to focus better.

Digitally isolate yourself

We live in a world where Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites have taken over our lives. It is for this reason that you should isolate yourself digitally while working. This will allow new ideas to pop into your head without letting the constant inflow of notifications to get in your way. Keep your phone aside and make it a point to look at your device after every one hour to check for any urgent calls or messages.

Keep your ultimate goals in mind

When your mind is constantly focused on where you want to be five years down the line, you'll be motivated to come up with new and creative ways to achieve your goals. Create a vision board that serves as a continuous reminder of the things you are working toward. When you are emotionally involved with your long-term goals, your mind will work in mysterious ways to produce the best results.

If you have a strong will power to ignore all the distractions around you and focus on the task at hand, your creativity levels will increase substantially. Use the above mentioned five tactics and you're sure to have a clear and attentive mind.


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