6 tips to stay focused and lead effectively


Sometimes, we live life without any focus and fail to realise what we can actually get done. When big decisions are made without thinking, the regrets that follow are even bigger. Now when you have to lead, you can’t afford to dilly-dally all the time. If you feel you aren’t giving your best as a leader, then it’s time to think about what you are doing right or wrong. The first step would be to restore your focus. Staying focused all the time may not be an easy task but you have to be consistent about it. One day you might be ready to conquer the world and accomplish a billion things, while the next day you just can’t work out a plan due to over-exhaustion. This is what happens when one loses focus of their purpose each day.

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Here are a few tips that will help you lead with more focus:

Deal with worries later

Vision-driven leaders do not worry constantly. They deal with their anxieties after they take care of the work at hand. Who knows? Once you have prioritised your tasks and worked on the important ones, your other worries might just automatically vanish. While it is good to be cautious, worrying first thing in the morning or at any time of the day is a plain waste of time. Instead, complete all your tasks and ask yourself whether anything is still worrying you.

Follow a self-reward system

After you accomplish the tasks you have intended to do within a said time and date, motivate yourself to accomplish your goal by rewarding yourself. It might sound a little silly at first but it is actually a way of staying focused. Your mind will constantly remind you about what you are working towards. It will also make you feel good. But most importantly, you will begin to appreciate all that you have done.

Relish in having nothing to do

Often we tend to set ourselves up for failure by doing too many things in a day. This is the one common mistake committed by most people who don leadership roles. Instead, try to eliminate tasks and keep minimal at hand. Soon you will realise you have time for yourself after all the tasks are accomplished. This will give you ample time for free thinking. Try this out and you will see how new ideas flourish.

Establish a good ethics policy

No matter what, always keep your ethics intact. Some day or the other, you will be well rewarded for it. It shows your commitment towards doing the right thing, which is crucial if you want to lead by example.

Be honest with yourself

Be honest with yourself first if you want to be honest with others. If you are feeling disturbed about something, try to determine the root cause and clear your mind. Honestly shows integrity, which nurtures your character.

Live by all of the above

Lastly, it’s not enough to just think about taking up new decisions – you need to commit to it as well. Slowly it will become a way of life that you will continue to enjoy!

You may not be able to control all the happenings in your life. However, you have the power to choose the way you deal with them. And that makes all the difference.


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