These 4 strategies can help you eliminate procrastination


We all procrastinate doing things. Be it was doing homework in school or completing assignments in college, the procrastination bug hardly ever spared anyone. If you putting off important tasks in office to a later date, then you are letting your habit of procrastination get the better of you even today. When we squander away our free time to put off important activities, it leads to slacking and hiding away from doing what is inevitable. This habit prevents us from achieving the goals we set for ourselves in our life. Here are four strategies to help you get rid of procrastination.

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Break a single task into several small tasks

One major reason why we avoid doing a certain task is because it seems too overwhelming. The solution to this is to break the task into several small parts and go about completing one part at a time. This will simplify your work and make an enormous project feel like it's easily doable. Focus on the current phase of the task and do it to the best of your ability without thinking about the other phases. Move your focus to the next phase only when you are satisfied with the current one.

A change of environment

Sitting eight hours a day, five days a week in a cubicle being surrounded by the same grey walls is bound to have an adverse effect on your productivity. If your work environment fills you with boredom, try to change your desk for a few days. If that is not possible, decorate your desk to rejuvenate your mind. Your work surroundings should inspire you to be more creative. When you feel motivated, you'll automatically want to get things done.

Spend time with the right people

Talking to a friend or colleague who inspires you is a lot better than talking yourself into getting a task completed. The people you spend time with determine your attitude towards work and life in general. Identify the go-getters and hard-workers in your surroundings and make it a point to spend some time with them. Their drive and spirit is bound to rub off on you and make you want to accomplish your goals with a renewed vigor.

Make a timeline for all your tasks

When you assign a single deadline for all your tasks, you are inviting procrastination to its favourite party. This happens because we start to believe that there is enough time left and we keep pushing things to the back-burner. Going back to the first point, once you have broken your task into several small parts, assign a different deadline to each part. Your timeline must be foolproof. Meaning, if you don't finish every part of the task according to the set timeline, all the other parts following it will get disrupted.

Start by taking the first step towards fulfilling your goals. Make use of the above mentioned four strategies to help you eliminate procrastination from your life.


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