4 things good leaders never do


A lot of people believe that leadership resides only in senior management. However, the truth is that anybody who is in a position to influence the actions of the people surrounding him is a leader. We've all read countless articles on the things good leaders should say and do. However, not many articles are written about what one should avoid doing if they want to be pronounced a great leader. We've compiled a list of four things a good leader should never do. Read on and pay heed.

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A good leader never puts things off

Procrastination is not the virtue of a great leader. If you want to be someone who people look up to for inspiration and motivation, learn to complete your tasks on time and before deadlines. The best way to set an example is by practising what you preach. A real leader does not put off making important decisions and knows when to take appropriate action. No matter how difficult the choice ahead of you may be, you need to make the correct decision in due time.

A good leader never has difficulty in communication

A great leader understands the importance of communicating with their team players. Many managers lack the skills to pass on their company's goals and vision to their team members. This leaves the employees confused and distressed as they don't know who to approach for guidance. And when you fail to effectively communicate your upcoming project's strategy and delegation of work to those under you, you are setting into motion an inevitable blunder.

A good leader never makes mistakes while delegating

Before assigning important tasks, a good leader should take time out to get to know their team members and understand each one's strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the skill set that each individual possesses, the leader should assign work accordingly. If the manager has had no previous communication with their team members, they will find it impossible to delegate, and this will affect the project in the longer run.

A good leader never views setbacks as absolute failures

The only way any business can succeed is when the leaders and decision-makers of the company are willing to take risks. However, if a leader is unwilling to take a chance for the fear of a setback, they will never be able to progress professionally and will also stunt the growth of their team members in the process. As Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Not only does a great leader view setbacks as a stepping stone to success, they also never play the blame game, either with themselves or their colleagues.

From goal-setting to giving feedback, a true leader involves their team members in the decision-making process to encourage transparency and loyalty. They will dedicate their entire life to the pursuit of excellence and won't settle for anything less.


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