4 reasons why running is the perfect sport for entrepreneurs


Does heading your own business keep you desk bound throughout the work day and leave you with no time to so much as step out for a breath of fresh air? If so, you will recognise the stale feeling that builds within you from sitting on a swivel chair all day. When you fall victim to the daily grind, you begin to withdraw from your surroundings and become less productive. One simple solution to break the monotony is to go for a run on a daily basis. Here are four reasons why running is the perfect sport for entrepreneurs.

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Running will uplift your mood

We all have good and bad days. One sure-shot method to leave your business worries behind for at least 30 minutes is to go for a run. Running can make you happy as it boosts the level of the feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids in your body. Commonly known as the ‘runners high’, this feel-good hormone leaves you with an optimistic, calm, and balanced mindset. This not only helps you get over depression, but its effects also last longer than their pharmaceutical counterparts.

Running allows you to enjoy nature

Too much time is spent in air-conditioned, window-less offices that give you no glimpse of nature whatsoever. Going for a run ensures that you breathe in unprocessed air for at least 30-45 minutes in a day and interact with the plants and animals on your regular route. A daily run can also instill a sense of humility. When things are going well, it's easy to believe that you rule the world. But an hour spent in nature can give you a clear perspective of how small your existence is in the larger scheme of things.

Running allows you to embrace your competitive side

Every entrepreneur has a competitive streak which they diplomatically suppress while conducting business. However, out in the park, when running with people of your own age group, you can unleash your inner aggression. It is also energising to run against yourself by timing your run and the kilometers you cover with the help of a GPS watch. This practice can also help you gauge your pace and fitness levels.

Running makes you a better entrepreneur

Running an enterprise is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. Distance training helps you develop the physical stamina needed to work long hours and successfully handle the travel demands that come with running a business. Running reinforces the fact that there are no shortcuts to success. One cannot cover long distances with speed without preparation and discipline. While luck may play an important part in business, no amount of luck can help you win a distance race without proper training.

In addition to the above, did you know that running slows the aging clock and keeps you feeling and looking younger? Pay heed to the above mentioned four reasons and head out for a run today.


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