5 reasons every office should have a dog


Dogs are man's best friend. Mankind accepted dogs into its fold a long time ago, and dogs have never failed to complete the joy in any family. Lately, workplaces, too, are making dogs a part of their team. With work culture getting more casual, getting a dog for the office is something you should consider. And here’s why:

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Dogs can teach

Writing for the website Little Things, Phil Mutz says, “Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing, and they are always listening to the sounds around them. As humans, however, we aren’t necessarily the best of listeners. It is so easy to go on autopilot in a conversation, not truly listening to what the other person is saying.”

Dogs are usually happy beings. Even the most mundane thing (like seeing their human friend again after a gap of five minutes) can make a dog happy like a lottery winner. Observing dogs can teach us to be happy for the simple things in life. Since they're happy beings, they freely share their joy with everybody (with no reservations). Dogs can not only remind us to be happy, they also remind us to share our happiness with everybody.

Dogs are great stress busters

Just out of a stressful meeting? A short walk with your furry pet can wash off all the stress in no time. If you want a quicker remedy, just a cuddle would bring back the sunshine. If you need someone to talk to, your woofy comrade will always be there for you. You can even share your secrets. They'll be safe, because dogs don't talk like humans do.

A dog can strengthen the team's unity

A dog at the workplace can help bring the team together, and keep it together. Dogs are great ice-breakers and can help new recruits to get into the team quicker than usual.

Dogs can energise you

Dogs are playful and energetic. If you have a dog at the workplace, it would help in making the place more energetic. A little game of fetch or hide and seek with the dog can not only energise the body, but refresh the mind, too.

Dogs are intelligent

According to Wikipedia, “Dogs show human-like social cognition in various ways. For example, dogs can react appropriately to human body language such as gesturing and pointing, and they also understand human voice commands.”

Dogs are intelligent beings. If trained well, they can even run little errands. Imagine getting your dog to your office and having him or her fetch your printouts and documents from another cubicle. All it will take is some training and discipline in order to make your dog your most valuable colleague ever.

If you're planning to get a dog for your office, go to the local adoption centre to pick one. Choose a dog with the right energy level that will go well with your routine. Having a pet is fun, but it is also a responsibility. But being responsible is the cornerstone of success. So, get a dog, and get more responsible on your way to success.


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