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As a job-seeker, you will agree that beyond just catching the attention of recruiters, the key challenge is to constantly update your skills and look at lateral skilling as a means to gain an edge over competition.

And if you’re a hiring-decision-maker in a startup or have been involved in the recruitment process at large, you will agree one of the biggest challenges is for you as a recruiter is to fairly judge the suitability and quality of the resumes you come across.

Addressing these age-old problems of the recruitment industry is Wisdom Jobs, a startup which began as a group of people trying to get the word out about jobs available in their network.

From job search, skill testing, skill development or résumé writing services, Wisdom Job addresses the needs of both recruiters and job-seekers. Type www.wisdomjobs.com and you will land on a screen that shows why it is considered among the best job search sites in India. In a span of just six years, it has reached out to 30 million registered candidates, of which 14 million have been skill-tested.

Finding that right candidate

Today, Wisdom Jobs has multiplied its offerings to address the evolving needs of both recruiters and job-seekers. For instance, Pragnya Meter, a proprietary tool developed in-house, is offered on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, and can be easily integrated with the recruitment engines of companies.

This tool helps to test competencies in over 6,000 skills, including core skills, language and communication skills, aptitude, and programming skills. Recruiters can either create and upload their own questions or utilise the 5 crore-plus questions available in the solution’s database. Features such as webcam recording, screen monitoring, browser tolerance control and IP restriction help maintain the security and integrity of testing. The dashboard gives recruiters a comprehensive report of all the completed, ongoing, and scheduled assessments.

“When recruiters go through the résumés on our platform, we also display the skill scores alongside to indicate the candidate’s competency level. In situations where recruiters have sourced the résumés from other sources, we offer services of the Pragnya Meter platform which enables them to create and conduct online assessments as the first level of screening, even before the interview rounds. In both cases, we help recruiters make objective choices when they shortlist profiles for a position,” explains Ajay Kolla, Founder and CEO, Wisdom Jobs.

Job-seekers can access the Pragnya Meter assessments through their dashboards after logging in to the portal.

Ajay explains how Pragnya Meter also helps deserving job-seekers with higher competency levels get easily noticed: “Testing themselves on all their core and associated skills enables job seekers to understand their competency. Scores and ranks for a skill are shown in comparison with other test-takers. Also, since the number of assessments a job seeker-can take is unlimited, it also gives candidates an opportunity to upskill themselves and improve their scores.”

The other key challenge which Wisdomjobs.com helps address is engaging job-seekers in various stages of their selection processes. From asking candidates if their information can be processed for a specific profile, to intimating them when interviews are scheduled, reminding them of assessments they need to take to qualify for interviews, or providing a checklist of documents that need to be brought to the interview, VConnect enables recruiters to do it all. This voice-based broadcasting tool not only reduces the time and effort involved in reaching out to candidates, but also improves response levels through optimal engagement.

According to Ajay, Pragnya Meter and VConnect have also proved to be useful tools for mid to large-sized organisations in employee appraisals, and employee engagement respectively.

Beyond just finding the right job

“We started out by looking at the need gaps in the job search process from a candidate’s perspective. This prompted us to offer free skill assessments which could help a candidate showcase their competencies to recruiters,” says Ajay.

Today, they also help candidates improve their skill levels and prepare for interviews through their online tutorials. E-University is a free resource for all registered job-seekers on Wisdom Jobs. It provides course content, frequently asked interview questions and answers, and practice exams on 4,000+ skills. This database of online tutorials has been built up and constantly updated with the help of domain experts and specialised writers.

From Information Technology and Management, to business skills and communications, Wisdom Jobs caters to the learning needs across domains through an ever-increasing list of tutorials. Ajay says, “The E-University is still a work in progress. We are continuously adding more courses and updating existing courses. While adding courses, we also keep in mind the trends in the market and the demand from our users. We plan on adding a sizeable number of courses for every domain.” The E-University pages receive traffic of close to a million visitors every month.

In addition to these offerings, Wisdom Jobs has categorised jobs based on the sectors they belong to – agriculture to education to govt jobs and even a separate category for sarkari result. And, because for a lot of people, location is a key criteria while job-hunting, they have categorised the jobs based on locations. This makes it easier for potential job seekers to look for opportunities in India’s major employment hubs. And, the free job alert service keeps registered users informed about interesting opportunities that are available in the job market.


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The “T” in recruiTment.

Ajay believes that technology hugely influences recruitment and the sector has been constantly evolving in the last few years. With companies adopting cloud technologies and applicant tracking systems to simplify archiving of profiles in the recruitment process, the role of data analytics has become key. Also, with more job-seekers moving their job search to the mobile medium, and even companies switching to the same for better user experience, the role of mobile-targeted interfaces such as responsive career websites and mobile apps has become very important.

“From Big Data to automation, these technologies simplify the way in which recruiters handle recruitment needs. For instance, the use of Hadoop/Big Data on Wisdomjobs.com has enabled us to develop quicker and more accurate searches, which in turn helps recruiters to find the right profiles and job-seekers to find the right jobs.”

The same is true for Pragnya Meter and VConnect, two instances where technology has been integrated with day-to-day recruitment functions to create scale. He says, “Wisdom Jobs is constantly striving to stay in sync with the evolving recruitment landscape. We do this by integrating the latest technologies into our offerings – from Big Data and Data Analytics in our search-based functionalities, to the latest, feature-rich mobile app to help job-seekers apply for positions and take assessments on the go. Our solutions are designed to be extremely flexible and versatile in their application.”

Startups and hiring challenges

We ask, if they have any specific offerings for startups, with India being home to one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems.

Ajay says they do.

“We have a custom sourcing service QuickSourcethat is designed exclusively for startups and small companies that do not have the monetary or human resources to subscribe to, and operate a job portal. This service provides companies with ‘résumé packs’ created on the basis of their specific requirements – on a cost-per-résumé basis.”

Everyone understands that hiring the right talent is critical for the growth of any organisation, especially startups since they often do not have the resources to hugely incentivise employees or bear the costs of talent drain. We ask Ajay his views on how to address this challenge. He says, “As a startup, you shouldn’t be too rigid about role definitions. You should be open to giving more responsibility to a potential hire and making them feel valued. You should also consider cross-industry and cross-functional candidates if you feel that they can deliver in the role you have in mind for them. The other important thing largely in your control is the culture of the organisation. A positive and welcoming culture will help in creating several employee ambassadors for you, leading to great employer branding.”


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