What it takes to be a growth hacker


We live in a time where a company's digital popularity can make or break a company's brand image. Entrepreneurs understand this and are therefore willing to invest in growth hackers. For the uninitiated, a growth hacker is a marketing genius who can easily make things go viral. But new traction channels like video, content, and social media are taking the digital world by storm, and hence growth hacking has become more complicated than it was a few years ago. The hacking game has gotten harder, but its results have also gotten bigger. There's no better time and place than right here and right now to become a growth hacker. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

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You need to be driven by analytics

Marketers make use of a variety of analytics tools as they need to have a measure of how well their campaign is faring. In order to be a growth hacker, you need to be able to interpret and understand analytics like the back of your hand. If you want your company leaders to take smart and fast action, you need to make use of solid data and management tools to help you determine which metrics are working in your favour and which aren't. The simplest way to make your brand campaign go viral is by keeping your eyes trained on your entire marketing funnel and then pinpointing which part of the funnel is most likely to help you go viral.

You need to cultivate a community of customers

A growth hacker must know the target audience of their brand and should be able to develop ideal buyer personas. An understanding of the buyer personas will help you find out the channels on which your core customers are most active on. Ask any growth hacker and they will tell you that the simplest way to hack growth is to master the marketing funnel of a small and niche crowd, and then duplicate it. A deep observation into your consumer's values and interests will help you to tailor your information to best suit their needs and this will lead to easier conversions.

You need to rely on data-driven information

Metrics should always be the number one thing on every growth hacker's mind. Every hacker makes decisions backed by hard data instead of relying solely on their gut instinct. The best growth hackers accept that data-driven intelligence will lead to a proper understanding of the efficiency of their expenditure. Good growth marketers realise that the best judgments and projects ride on the support of substantial data. The easiest way to develop an understanding of hard data is by mastering Google Analytics and then working your way to new platforms from there.

Being a data nerd and obsessing over metrics will help you realise your potential as a true growth hacker. Use the above mentioned three hacks to understand what it takes to be a distinguished growth hacker in today's marketing world and work towards the same tirelessly.


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