7 brilliant comic artists you should be following on Instagram


Instagram changed the way people use social media. With a platform dedicated solely to visual content, it empowered photographers and video artists to share their work with a wide community. One of the most welcome surprises of this social media app was its enabling of comic artists who had, for far too long, struggled to get their work the attention it deserved. Countless cartoonists have now taken to the social media to share their comics one strip at a time to their vast, eager audiences. Instagram, especially, has become a platform where these cartoonists regularly release their works. So, if you want to inject a bit of humour and frankness into your Instagram browsing habit, here are seven comic artists you should follow:



A take on family life through cartoons, this comic series by Christopher Grady portrays the struggles, anxieties, and joys of a family as they deal with each other and lives in general. At times funny and at times heart-warming, Lunarbaboon is a comic certainly worth following.

The Awkward Yeti

This comic series by Nick Seluk showcases interactions between organs like the brain, heart, tongue, stomach, and so on portrayed as individual characters with their own idiosyncrasies. Seluk’s unique humour and drawing style makes The Awkward Yeti as funny and endearing as it is relatable.


This comic by artist Reza Farazmand never ceases to surprise. He uses eccentric plot lines, wordplays, and cute characters to create entertaining comics out of utterly random and nondescript topics.

War and Peas

German artists Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich truly let their imagination run wild while coming up with ideas for their War and Peas comic strips. The web comic jumps from people and ghosts to vampires and robots with effortless hilarity.


Beth Evans is a comic artist who illustrates the anxieties, worries, and problems that all of us face but are too afraid to voice aloud. Her minimalistic work, while not explicitly funny, is so very relatable and has the uncanny knack of making you feel better, which kind of is the whole point of a comic anyway.

Chris Hallbeck

Chris Hallbeck creates whimsical comics with simple yet expressive artwork. His comics mostly feature everyday situations with a funny twist or an unspoken truth. Sometimes they're dark; sometimes they're endearing; but they're always a pleasure to read.

Cyanide and Happiness

C&H creators Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, and Dave McElfatrick have mastered the art of dark humour with their long-running and immensely popular comic series. Flaunting an open disregard for anything that is politically correct, Cyanide and Happiness is a comic that'll make you laugh and then make you wonder if it was okay to do so.

This list isn't even the half of it. There are many more comic artists on Instagram, with new ones joining the ranks every day, that deserve attention. Next time you're on the image-sharing app, take a break from the memes and food pictures to explore the hundreds of brilliant comics on the site.


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